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Famous Blue Moon Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Blue Moon poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous blue moon poems. These examples illustrate what a famous blue moon poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Aiken, Conrad
...Fanfare of northwest wind, a bluejay wind
announces autumn, and the equinox
rolls back blue bays to a far afternoon.
Somewhere beyond the Gorge Li Po is gone,
looking for friendship or an old love's sleeve
or writing letters to his children, lost,
and to his children's children, and to us.
What was his light? of lamp or moon or sun?
Say that it cha...Read More

by Shelley, Percy Bysshe
...mpulse on his vacant brain.

Roused by the shock, he started from his trance--
The cold white light of morning, the blue moon
Low in the west, the clear and garish hills,
The distinct valley and the vacant woods,
Spread round him where he stood. Whither have fled
The hues of heaven that canopied his bower
Of yesternight? The sounds that soothed his sleep,
The mystery and the majesty of Earth,
The joy, the exultation? His wan eyes 
Gaze on the empty scene as vacantly
A...Read More

by Zaran, Lisa
I am hanging at my window 
like a houseplant. 
I am smoking a cigarette. 
I am having a drink. 

The pale, blue moon is shining. 
The savage stars appear. 
Every fool that passes by 
smiles up at me. 

I drip ashes on them. 

There is music playing from somewhere. 
A thready, salt-sweet tune I don't know 
any of the words to. 
There's a gentle breeze making 
hopscotch with my hair. 

This is the wet blanket air of midnight. 
This i...Read More

by Collins, Billy
...dicing an onion
which might account for the wet stinging
in my own eyes, though Freddie Hubbard's
mournful trumpet on "Blue Moon,"

which happens to be the next cut,
cannot be said to be making matters any better....Read More

by Hugo, Richard Sol Katz is aging. Who isn't? It's close now
to the end of summer and would you believe it
I've ignored the Blue Moon. I did go to White Center,
you know, my home town, and the people there,
many are the same, but also aging, balking, remarkably
polite and calm. A man whose name escapes me
said he thinks he had known me, the boy who went alone
to Longfellow Creek and who laughed and cried
for no reason. The city is huge, maybe three quarters
of a milli...Read More

by Oguibe, Olu
...felt, you 
Stepped into the light and 
Asked the poet for a song. 
I shall sing you a lyric of pain. 

The blue moon peers through the foliage 
Of your eyelashes. The minstrel hawks 
His tears through the streets of night. 

A household god is asking for water; 
An old god is pleading at your door. 
There's a white rose on your breast. 
It is the fortune of poets; 

I shall sing you a song. 
Untie the fresh leaves of dawn, 
I want t...Read More

by Mackeller, Dorothea

Far and far I look—Ten miles? 
No, for yesterday 
Sure I saw the Blessed Isles 
Twenty worlds away. 
My blue moon of open sea, 
Is it little worth? 
At the least it gives to me 
Keys of all the earth...Read More

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