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Famous Bile Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Bile poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous bile poems. These examples illustrate what a famous bile poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Benet, Stephen Vincent it all or I'll 
Be angry! You feel giddy? Well, it's hot! 
This bergamot 
Take home and smell -- it purges blood of bile! 
And when you kiss Bianca's dimpled knee, 
Think of the poor Pope in his misery! 

Now you may kiss my ring! 
Ho there, the Cardinal's litter! -- You must dine 
When the new wine 
Is in, again with me -- hear Bice sing, 
Even admire my frescoes -- though they're nought 
Beside the calm Greek glories you have bought! 

Godspeed, Sir Cardinal! 
And take ...Read More

by Service, Robert William
...a proper inspection, wi' a 'eap o' surprise on 'is face.
Then 'e says wi' an accent o' Scotland: "Whit ye hae is a bile, Ah can feel,
But ye'd better consult the heid Dockter; they caw him Professor O'Niel.
He's special for biles and carbuncles. Ye'll find him in Room Sixty-three.
No charge, Ma'am. It's been a rare pleasure. Jist tell him ye're comin' from me."

So Misses she thanks 'im politely, and 'unts up and down as before,
Till she comes to ...Read More

by Berryman, John
...ving done no wrong—
no right—no · right—having let the Army—bang—
defend itself from Joe, let venom' Strauss
bile Oppenheimer out of use—use Robb,
who'll later fend for Goldfine—Breaking no laws,
he lay in the White House—sob!!—

who never understood his own strategy—whee—
so Monty's memoirs—nor any strategy,
wanting the ball bulled thro' all parts of the line
at once—proving, by his refusal to take Berlin,
he misread even Clauswitz—wide empty gri...Read More

by Gregory, Rg a bunk or slipped the leash
when found i'd gone all blue like frozen fish
those scented lips discharged their angry bile
and cupid's dart fell short a scornful mile

come christmas day the christmas tree was bright
its mothering arms held glittering gifts for all
and i was seven longing to be eight
and i was given a large pink fluffy ball
my spirit shrank into the nearest wall
true love reduced to this insulting gimcrack
my pumped-up heart was punctured by a tintack...Read More

by Gregory, Rg
...d - exceptions
to the rule - out of the hearing
and the judgment of their rivals)
the media covet the heartache
and the bile - love the new meteor
can't wait to blast it from the heavens

universities will start the cult
with-it secondary teachers catch
the name on fast - magazines begin
to taste the honey on the plate
and soon another name is buzzing 
round the bars where literary pass-
ons meet to dole out bits of hem
i accept it all - it's not for me

above it all the lite...Read More

by Kenyon, Jane
...n, you waited 
behind a pile of linen in the nursery, 
and when we were alone, you lay down 
on top of me, pressing
the bile of desolation into every pore.

And from that day on 
everything under the sun and moon 
made me sad -- even the yellow 
wooden beads that slid and spun 
along a spindle on my crib.

You taught me to exist without gratitude. 
You ruined my manners toward God:
"We're here simply to wait for death; 
the pleasures of earth are overrated."...Read More

by Bukowski, Charles
...larin onunde diz cokuyorum.
senin sen olman asla bir daha olmayacak.
kaplanlar beni buldular ama artik umurumda bile degil. 
translated by somebody...Read More

by Lawson, Henry
...s most wore out; 
I've got no spirits left to rise and smooth me achin' brow -- 
I'm too knocked up to light a fire and bile the billy now. 

Oh it's trampin', trampin', tra-a-mpin', in flies an' dust an' heat, 
Or it's trampin' trampin' tra-a-a-mpin' 
through mud and slush 'n sleet; 
It's tramp an' tramp for tucker -- one everlastin' strife, 
An' wearin' out yer boots an' heart in the wastin' of yer life. 

They whine o' lost an' wasted lives in idleness and crime --...Read More

by Byron, George (Lord)
...evil! - I'm loth to do him wrong,
It might be some untoward saint, 
Who would not be at rest too long,
But to his pious bile gave vent -
But one fair night, some lurking spies 
Surprised and seized us both. 
The Count was something more than wroth -
I was unarmed; but if in steel,
All cap from head to heel,
What 'gainst their numbers could I do?
'Twas near his castle, far away
From city or from succour near, 
And almost on the break of day; 
I did not think to see another...Read More

by García Lorca, Federico
...n wind, green branches. 
The two friends climbed up. 
The stiff wind left 
in their mouths, a strange taste 
of bile, of mint, and of basil 
My friend, where is she--tell me--
where is your bitter girl?
How many times she waited for you! 
How many times would she wait for you, 
cool face, black hair, 
on this green balcony! 
Over the mouth of the cistern
the gypsy girl was swinging, 
green flesh, her hair green, 
with eyes of cold silver. 
An icicle of moon
holds ...Read More

by Olds, Sharon
the naked ones in the paintings whose bodies are
done in gilt, all knees and raw ribs,
the ones who died of nettles, bile, the
one who died roasted over a slow fire—
three months later I take the pot of
tulip bulbs out of the closet
and set it on the table and take off the foil hood.
The shoots stand up like young green pencils,
and there in the room is the comfortable smell of rot,
the bulb that did not make it, marked with
ridges like an elephant's notched foot,
I wa...Read More

by Bukowski, Charles
...ts, Janus-faced hucksters
of their own indexerity;
I can now see now the coal-slick
contanminated fields, a snail or 2,
bile, obsidian, a fish or 3
in the shallows, an obloquy of our
source and our sight.....
has this happend before? is history
a circle that catches itself by the tail,
a dream, a nightmare,
a general's dream, a presidents dream,
a dictators dream...
can't we awaken?
or are the forces of life greater than we are?
can't we awaken...Read More

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