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Famous Below Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Below poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous below poems. These examples illustrate what a famous below poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Crowley, Aleister
...our stability.

Then sudden and fierce, no monitory moan,
Smote the mad mischief of the great cyclone.
How far below us all its fury rolled!
How vainly sulphur tries to tarnish gold!
We lived together: all its malice meant
Nothing but freedom of a continent!

It was the forest and the river that knew
The fact that one and one do not make two. 
We worked, we walked, we slept, we were at ease,
We cried, we quarrelled; all the rocks and trees
For twenty miles could ...Read More

by Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth the reign of the Henries.
Thatched were the roofs, with dormer-windows; and gables projecting
Over the basement below protected and shaded the doorway.
There in the tranquil evenings of summer, when brightly the sunset
Lighted the village street and gilded the vanes on the chimneys,
Matrons and maidens sat in snow-white caps and in kirtles
Scarlet and blue and green, with distaffs spinning the golden
Flax for the gossiping looms, whose noisy shuttles within doors
...Read More

by Alighieri, Dante
...had no man left, I set 
 My forward steps aslant the steep, that so, 
 My right foot still the lower, I climbed. 

 No more I gazed. Around, a slope of sand 
 Was sterile of all growth on either hand, 
 Or moving life, a spotted pard except, 
 That yawning rose, and stretched, and purred and leapt 
 So closely round my feet, that scarce I kept 
 The course I would. 
 That sleek and lovely thing, 
 The broadening light, the breath of morn and spring, 
 The ...Read More

by Byron, George (Lord) — the field — the ocean — all that gave 
Promise of gladness, peril of a grave, 
In turn he tried — he ransack'd all below, 
And found his recompence in joy or woe, 
No tame, trite medium; for his feelings sought 
In that intenseness an escape from thought: 
The tempest of his heart in scorn had gazed 
On that the feebler elements hath raised; 
The rapture of his heart had look'd on high, 
And ask'd if greater dwelt beyond the sky: 
Chain'd to excess, the slave of each ext...Read More

by Wordsworth, William me, love me, little boy!  Thou art thy mother's only joy;  And do not dread the waves below,  When o'er the sea-rock's edge we go;  The high crag cannot work me harm,  Nor leaping torrents when they howl;  The babe I carry on my arm,  He saves for me my precious soul;  Then happy lie, for blest am I;  Without me my sweet babe would die. <...Read More

by Frost, Robert
A specimen of beryl with a trace
Of radium. I know with radium
The trace would have to be the merest trace 
To be below the threshold of commercial;
But trust New Hampshire not to have enough
Of radium or anything to sell.

A specimen of everything, I said.
She has one witch—old style. She lives in Colebrook.
(The only other witch I ever met
Was lately at a cut-glass dinner in Boston.
There were four candles and four people present.
The witch was...Read More

by Whitman, Walt
...d day, and the teeming, spiritual darkness; 
Unspeakable, high processions of sun and moon, and countless stars, above;
Below, the manifold grass and waters, animals, mountains, trees; 
With inscrutable purpose—some hidden, prophetic intention; 
Now, first, it seems, my thought begins to span thee. 

Down from the gardens of Asia, descending, radiating, 
Adam and Eve appear, then their myriad progeny after them,
Wandering, yearning, curious—with restless explorations, 
Wi...Read More

by Byron, George (Lord)
The smiles that win, the tints that glow, 
But tell of days in goodness spent, 
A mind at peace with all below, 
A heart whose love is innocent!...Read More

by Whitman, Walt
...the half-burn’d brig is riding on unknown currents, 
Where shells grow to her slimy deck—where the dead are corrupting below;
Where the dense-starr’d flag is borne at the head of the regiments; 
Approaching Manhattan, up by the long-stretching island; 
Under Niagara, the cataract falling like a veil over my countenance; 
Upon a door-step—upon the horse-block of hard wood outside; 
Upon the race-course, or enjoying picnics or jigs, or a good game of base-ball;
At he-fes...Read More

by Byron, George (Lord) high, 
Though rising gale, and breaking foam, 
And shrieking sea-birds warn'd him home; 
And clouds aloft and tides below, 
With signs and sounds, forbade to go, 
He could not see, he would not hear, 
Or sound or sign foreboding fear; 
His eye but saw the light of love, 
The only star it hail'd above; 
His ear but rang with Hero's song, 
"Ye waves, divide not lovers long!" — 
That tale is old, but love anew 
May nerve young hearts to prove as true. 


The win...Read More

by Masefield, John
...row on row, 
Till all the church began to glow. 
The chapel glowed, the nave, the choir, 
All he faces became fire 
Below the eastern window high 
To see Christ's star come up the sky. 
Then they lifted hands and turned, 
And all their lifted fingers burned, 
Burned like the golden altar tallows, 
Burned like a troop of God's own Hallows, 
Bringing to mind the burning time 
When all the bells will rock and chime 
And burning saints on burning horses 
Will sweep the pl...Read More

by Tennyson, Alfred Lord
...wyvern, lion, dragon, griffin, swan, 
At all the corners, named us each by name, 
Calling, "God speed!" but in the ways below 
The knights and ladies wept, and rich and poor 
Wept, and the King himself could hardly speak 
For grief, and all in middle street the Queen, 
Who rode by Lancelot, wailed and shrieked aloud, 
"This madness has come on us for our sins." 
So to the Gate of the three Queens we came, 
Where Arthur's wars are rendered mystically, 
And thence departed ...Read More

by Wordsworth, William to herself she talked,  Would surely be a tedious tale.   In high and low, above, below,  In great and small, in round and square,  In tree and tower was Johnny seen,  In bush and brake, in black and green,  'Twas Johnny, Johnny, every where.   She's past the bridge that's in the dale,  And now the thought torments her sore,  Johnny pe...Read More

by Scott, Sir Walter
     Was bathed in floods of living fire.
     But not a setting beam could glow
     Within the dark ravines below,
     Where twined the path in shadow hid,
     Round many a rocky pyramid,
     Shooting abruptly from the dell
     Its thunder-splintered pinnacle;
     Round many an insulated mass,
     The native bulwarks of the pass,
     Huge as the tower which builders vain
     Presumptuous piled on Shinar's plain.
     The rocky summits, split and r...Read More

by Thomson, James thro' the mingling Skies, with Tempest foul;
Beat on the Mountain's Brow, and shake the Woods, 
That, sounding, wave below. The dreary Plain
Lies overwhelm'd, and lost. The bellying Clouds
Combine, and deepening into Night, shut up
The Day's fair Face. The Wanderers of Heaven,
Each to his Home, retire; save those that love 
To take their Pastime in the troubled Air,
And, skimming, flutter round the dimply Flood.
The Cattle, from th'untasted Fields, return,
...Read More

by Byron, George (Lord)
...sometimes by a wanton whale. 


The guardian seraphs had retired on high, 
Finding their charges past all care below; 
Terrestrial business fill'd nought in the sky 
Save the recording angel's black bureau; 
Who found, indeed, the facts to multiply 
With such rapidity of vice and woe, 
That he had stripp'd off both his wings in quills, 
And yet was in arrear of human ills. 


His business so augmented of late years, 
That he was forced, against his will no do...Read More

by Schiller, Friedrich von as it flows.
Endlessly under me see I the ether, and endlessly o'er
Giddily look I above, shudderingly look I below,
But between the infinite height and the infinite hollow
Safely the wanderer moves over a well-guarded path.
Smilingly past me are flying the banks all teeming with riches,
And the valley so bright boasts of its industry glad.
See how yonder hedgerows that sever the farmer's possessions
Have by Demeter been worked into the tapestried plain!
Kin...Read More

by Eliot, T S (Thomas Stearns)
...of indifference.
(And I Tiresias have foresuffered all
Enacted on this same divan or bed;
I who have sat by Thebes below the wall
And walked among the lowest of the dead.)
Bestows one final patronising kiss,
And gropes his way, finding the stairs unlit . . .
 She turns and looks a moment in the glass,
Hardly aware of her departed lover; 
Her brain allows one half-formed thought to pass:
"Well now that's done: and I'm glad it's over."
When lovely woman...Read More

by Shelley, Percy Bysshe
...he darkness of the stream did pass

And it unfurled its heaven-coloured pinions;
With stars of fire spotting the stream below,
And from above into the Sun's dominions
Flinging a glory like the golden glow
In which Spring clothes her emerald-winged minions,
All interwoven with fine feathery snow,
And moonlight splendour of intensest rime
With which frost paints the pines in winter-time.

And then it winnowed the elysian air
Which ever hung about that Lady bright,
With its ...Read More

by Akhmatova, Anna
Or for a gorgeous woman -- her finesse?

But do not seek now for yourself to keep
What heaven has given to you below:
We have been judged -- and we ourselves both know --
To give away, and not to keep.

Or else alone you go to heal the blind,
To know yourself in heavy hour of doubt
The students' smug shaudenfreude
And the uncaring of mankind.


The quiet April day has sent me
What a strange missive.
You knew that passionately in me...Read More

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