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Famous Artichoke Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Artichoke poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous artichoke poems. These examples illustrate what a famous artichoke poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Smart, Christopher
...God give me fruit to this month. 

Let Mispereth rejoice with the Ring Parrakeet. 

Let Nehum rejoice with the Artichoke. 

Let Ginnithon rejoice with the Bottle Flower. 

Let Zidkijah rejoice with Mulberry Blight. God be gracious to Gum my fellow Prisoner. 

Let Malluch rejoice with Methonica Superb Lily. 

Let Jeremiah rejoice with Hemlock, which is good in outward application. 

Let Bilgai rejoice with Tamalapatra Indian Leaf. 

Let Maa...Read More

by Neruda, Pablo
...The artichoke
of delicate heart
in its battle-dress, builds
its minimal cupola;
in its scallop of
Around it,
demoniac vegetables
bristle their thicknesses,
tendrils and belfries,
the bulb's agitations;
while under the subsoil
the carrot
sleeps sound in its
rusty mustaches.
Runner and filaments
bleach in the vineyards,
whe...Read More

by Neruda, Pablo
...The artichoke 
With a tender heart 
Dressed up like a warrior, 
Standing at attention, it built 
A small helmet 
Under its scales 
It remained 
By its side 
The crazy vegetables 
Their tendrills and leaf-crowns, 
Throbbing bulbs, 
In the sub-soil 
The carrot 
With its red mustaches 
Was sleeping, 
The grapevine 
Hung out to dry its branch...Read More

by Sexton, Anne
...s Fort Knox.

The king married her
and within a year
a son was born.
He was like most new babies,
as ugly as an artichoke
but the queen thought him in pearl.
She gave him her dumb lactation,
delicate, trembling, hidden,
warm, etc.
And then the dwarf appeared
to claim his prize.
Indeed! I have become a papa!
cried the little man.
She offered him all the kingdom
but he wanted only this -
a living thing 
to call his own.
And being mortal
who can blame...Read More

by Paterson, Andrew Barton
...Ordnance man is a son of a gun and his lists are a standing joke; 
You order, "Choke arti Jerusalem one" for Jerusalem artichoke. 
The Medicals shine with a number nine, and the men of the great R.E., 
Their Colonels are Methodist, married or mad, and some of them all the three; 
In all these units the road to fame is taught by the Army schools, 
But a man has got to be born to the game when he tackles the Army mules. 

For if you go where the depots are as t...Read More

by Bishop, Elizabeth far as my proto-dream-house, 
my crypto-dream-house, that crooked box 
set up on pilings, shingled green, 
a sort of artichoke of a house, but greener 
(boiled with bicarbonate of soda?), 
protected from spring tides by a palisade 
of--are they railroad ties? 
(Many things about this place are dubious.) 
I'd like to retire there and do nothing, 
or nothing much, forever, in two bare rooms: 
look through binoculars, read boring books, 
old, long, long books, and write d...Read More

by Moore, Marianne
 lapping scale with spruce-cone regularity until they
form the uninterrupted central
 tail-row! This near artichoke with head and legs and grit-equipped
the night miniature artist engineer is,
 yes, Leonardo da Vinci's replica--
 impressive animal and toiler of whom we seldom hear.
 Armor seems extra. But for him,
 the closing ear-ridge--
 or bare ear lacking even this small
 eminence and similarly safe

contracting nose and eye apertures
 impe...Read More

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