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Famous Agreed Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Agreed poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous agreed poems. These examples illustrate what a famous agreed poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Sidney, Sir Philip
...lik'd; I lik'd but loued not;
I lou'd, but straight did not what Loue decreed:
At length, to Loues decrees I, forc'd, agreed,
Yet with repining at so partiall lot.
Now, euen that footstep of lost libertie
Is gone; and now, like slaue-borne Muscouite,
I call it praise to suffer tyrannie;
And nowe imploy the remnant of my wit
To make myselfe beleeue that all is well,
While, with a feeling skill, I paint my hell. 

Let dainty wits crie on the Sisters nin...Read More

by Robinson, Edwin Arlington when the sun was down.
‘God gave his adjutants a holiday,’ 
Asher assured me, ‘when He made this place’; 
And I agreed with him that it was heaven,— 
Till it was hell for me for then and after. 

“There was a village miles away from us
Where now and then we paddled for the mail 
And incidental small commodities 
That perfect exile might require, and stayed 
The night after the voyage with an antique 
Survival of a broader world than ours
Whom Asher called The Admi...Read More

by Carver, Raymond
...was light
enough in the room that you could see
circles under my eyes.
You said I needed more regular sleep,
and I agreed. Each of us went
to the bathroom, and climbed back into bed
on our respective sides.
Pulled the covers up. "Good night,"
you said, for the second time that night.
And fell asleep. Maybe
into that same dream, or else another.


I lay until daybreak, holding
both arms fast across my chest.
Working my fingers now and then.<...Read More

by Hugo, Victor
...ul dice?" 
 "Yes, here they wait 
 For us." 
 "Who wins shall have the Marquisate; 
 Loser, the girl." 
 "A noise I hear?" 
 "Only the wind that sounds like some one near— 
 Are you afraid?" said Zeno. 
 "Naught I fear 
 Save fasting—and that solid earth should gape. 
 Let's throw and fate decide—ere time escape." 
 Then rolled the dice. 
 "'Tis four." 
 'Twas Joss to throw. 
 "Six!—and I neatly win, you see; and lo! 
 At botto...Read More

by Tennyson, Alfred Lord
And still they met and met. Again she said, 
`O Lancelot, if thou love me get thee hence.' 
And then they were agreed upon a night 
(When the good King should not be there) to meet 
And part for ever. Vivien, lurking, heard. 
She told Sir Modred. Passion-pale they met 
And greeted. Hands in hands, and eye to eye, 
Low on the border of her couch they sat 
Stammering and staring. It was their last hour, 
A madness of farewells. And Modred brough...Read More

by Homer,
...o join the families of the gods: and he promised to give her what rights she should choose among the deathless gods and agreed that her daughter should go down for the third part of the circling year to darkness and gloom, but for the two parts should live with her mother and the other deathless gods. Thus he commanded. And the goddess did not disobey the message of Zeus; swiftly she rushed down from the peaks of Olympus and came to the plain of Rharus, rich, fertile ...Read More

by Marvell, Andrew
...r Solomon draw lots 
For the command of politics or sots, 
Thence fell to words, but quarrel to adjourn; 
Their friends agreed they should command by turn. 
Carteret the rich did the accountants guide 
And in ill English all the world defied. 
The Papists--but of these the House had none 
Else Talbot offered to have led them on. 
Bold Duncombe next, of the projectors chief, 
And old Fitz-harding of the Eaters Beef. 
Late and disordered out the drinkers drew, 
...Read More

by Trumbull, John
By way of codicil annex'd;
Strike out a promise, that was base,
And put a better in its place.

"So Gage of late agreed, you know,
To let the Boston people go;
Yet when he saw 'gainst troops that braved him,
They were the only guards that saved him,
Kept off that satan of a Putnam
From breaking in to maul and mutton him;
He'd too much wit, such leagues t' observe,
And shut them in again, to starve.

"So Moses writes, when female Jews
Made oaths and vows unfit for ...Read More

by Frost, Robert
...t of one who owned himself "a foiled
Circuitous wanderer," and "took dejectedly
His seat upon the intellectual throne"—
Agreed in 'frowning on these improvised
Altars the woods are full of nowadays,
Again as in the days when Ahaz sinned
By worship under green trees in the open.
Scarcely a mile but that I come on one,
A black-checked stone and stick of rain-washed charcoal.
Even to say the groves were God's first temples
Comes too near to Ahaz' sin for safety.
Noth...Read More

by Sexton, Anne
...ird dog.
Give me your first-born
and I will spin.
She thought: Piffle!
He is a silly little man.
And so she agreed.
So he did the trick.
Gold as good as Fort Knox.

The king married her
and within a year
a son was born.
He was like most new babies,
as ugly as an artichoke
but the queen thought him in pearl.
She gave him her dumb lactation,
delicate, trembling, hidden,
warm, etc.
And then the dwarf appeared
to claim his prize.
Indeed! I ...Read More

by Arnold, Matthew
...rth the while, and take their challenge up." 

So spake he; and Ferood stood forth and cried.--
"Old man, be it agreed as thou hast said!
Let Sohrab arm, and we will find a man." 

He spake: and Peran-Wisa turn'd, and strode
Back through the opening squadrons to his tent.
But through the anxious Persians Gudurz ran,
And cross'd the camp which lay behind, and reach'd,
Out on the sands beyond it, Rustum's tents.
Of scarlet cloth they were, and glittering gay...Read More

by Robinson, Edwin Arlington
...,” I ventured. 

Who talked himself at last out of the world 
He censured, and is therefore silent now, 
Agreed indifferently: “My friends are dead—
Or most of them.” 

“Remember one that isn’t,” 
I said, protesting. “Honor him for his ears; 
Treasure him also for his understanding.” 
Ferguson sighed, and then talked on again:
“You have an overgrown alacrity 
For saying nothing much and hearing less; 
And I’ve a thankless wonder, at the start, 
How ...Read More

by Morris, William
...they lived or not.

"Glorious my lover was unto my sight,
Most beautiful; of love we grew so fain
That we at last agreed, that on a night
We should be happy, but that he were slain
Or shut in hold; and neither joy nor pain
Should else forbid that hoped-for time to be;
So came the night that made a wretch of me.

"Ah! well do I remember all that night,
When through the window shone the orb of June,
And by the bed flickered the taper's light,
Whereby I trembled, gazi...Read More

by Browning, Robert
...pect, of suppressed spite,
The natural end of every adder
Not suffered to empty its poison-bladder:
But she and her son agreed, I take it,
That no one should touch on the story to wake it,
For the wound in the Duke's pride rankled fiery,
So, they made no search and small inquiry---
And when fresh Gipsies have paid us a visit, I've
Noticed the couple were never inquisitive,
But told them they're folks the Duke don't want here,
And bade them make haste and cross the frontier.Read More

by Lowell, Amy
...he senses, or some fearful dream
Holds them enmeshed. Years pass which on the clock
Are but so many seconds. We agreed
That the next man who came should prove the scheme;
And you were he. Jan handed you the crock.
Two whiffs! And then the pipe was broke, and you were 

"It is a lie, a damned, infernal lie!"
Max Breuck was maddened now. "Another jest
Of your befuddled wits. I know not why
I am to be your butt. At my request
You'll cho...Read More

by Chaucer, Geoffrey
...destruction of Mah'metry,* *Mahometanism
And in increase of Christe's lawe dear,
They be accorded* so as ye may hear; *agreed

How that the Soudan, and his baronage,
And all his lieges, shall y-christen'd be,
And he shall have Constance in marriage,
And certain gold, I n'ot* what quantity, *know not
And hereto find they suffisant surety.
The same accord is sworn on either side;
Now, fair Constance, Almighty God thee guide!

Now woulde some men waiten, as I guess,
That I ...Read More

by Tennyson, Alfred Lord
...d her side. 
She says the Princess should have been the Head, 
Herself and Lady Psyche the two arms; 
And so it was agreed when first they came; 
But Lady Psyche was the right hand now, 
And the left, or not, or seldom used; 
Hers more than half the students, all the love. 
And so last night she fell to canvass you: 
~Her~ countrywomen! she did not envy her. 
"Who ever saw such wild barbarians? 
Girls?--more like men!" and at these words the snake, 
My secret, see...Read More

by Frost, Robert
...out her." 
"And I'm going to be worse instead of better. 
You've got to tell me how far this is gone: 
Have you agreed to any price?" 
"Five hundred. 
Five hundred--five--five! One, two, three, four, five. 
You needn't look at me." 
"I don't believe you." 
"I told you, Willis, when you first came in. 
Don't you be hard on me. I have to take 
What I can get. You see they have the feet, 
Which gives them the advantage in the trade. 
I can...Read More

by Chaucer, Geoffrey
...will I die, I may no longer speak."

But at the last, with muche care and woe
We fell accorded* by ourselves two: *agreed
He gave me all the bridle in mine hand
To have the governance of house and land,
And of his tongue, and of his hand also.
I made him burn his book anon right tho.* *then
And when that I had gotten unto me
By mast'ry all the sovereignety,
And that he said, "Mine owen true wife,
Do *as thee list,* the term of all thy life, *as pleases thee*
Keep...Read More

by Akhmatova, Anna

x x x

Black road wove ahead of me,
Drizzling rain fell,
To accompany me
Someone asked for a spell.
I agreed, but I forgot
To see him in light of day,
And then it was strange
To remember the way.
Like incense of thousand censers
Flowed the fog
And the companion bothered
The heart with a song.
Ancient gates I remember
And the end of the way --
There the man who went with me
"Forgive," did say.
He gave me a copper cross
Like my brother...Read More

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