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[n] the dialect of Chinese spoken in Beijing and adopted as the official language for all of China
[n] a somewhat flat reddish-orange loose-skinned citrus of China
[n] a high public official of the Chinese Empire
[n] any high government official or bureaucrat
[n] a member of an elite intellectual or cultural group
[n] shrub or small tree having flattened globose fruit with very sweet aromatic pulp and thin yellow-orange to flame-orange rind that is loose and easily removed; native to southeastern Asia

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Misc. Definitions

\Man`da*rin"\, n. [Pg. mandarim, from Malay mantr[=i] minister of state, prop. a Hind. word, fr. Skr. mantrin a counselor, manira a counsel, man to think.]
1. A Chinese public officer or nobleman; a civil or military official in China and Annam.
2. (Bot.) A small orange, with easily separable rind. It is thought to be of Chinese origin, and is counted a distinct species ({Citrus nobilis})

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