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[n] the lower of two berths
[adj] of the underworld; "nether regions"
[adj] inferior in rank or status; "the junior faculty"; "a lowly corporal"; "petty officialdom"; "a subordinate functionary"
[adj] (usually preceded by `no)' lower in esteem; "no less a person than the king himself"
[adj] the bottom one of two; "he chose the lower number"
[v] look angry or sullen, wrinkle one's forehead, as if to signal disapproval
[v] make lower or quieter;"turn down the volume of a radio"
[v] set lower; "lower a rating"; "lower expectations"
[v] cause to drop or sink; "The lack of rain had depressed the water level in the reservoir"
[v] move something or somebody to a lower position

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