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Subordinate Definition

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Other Subordinate Definition

[n] a word that is more specific than a given word
[n] someone subject to the authority or control of another
[adj] (grammar) of a clause; unable to stand alone syntactically as a complete sentence; "a subordinate (or dependent) clause functions as a noun or adjective or adverb within a sentence"
[adj] lower in rank or importance
[adj] inferior in rank or status; "the junior faculty"; "a lowly corporal"; "petty officialdom"; "a subordinate functionary"
[adj] subject or submissive to authority or the control of another; "a subordinate kingdom"
[v] make subordinate, dependent, or subservient; "Our wishes have to be subordinated to that of our ruler"
[v] rank or order as less important or consider of less value; "Art is sometimes subordinated to Science in these schools"

Misc. Definitions

\Sub*or"di*nate\, a. [Pref. sub + L. ordinatus, p. p. of ordinare to set in order, to arrange. See {Ordain}.]
1. Placed in a lower order, class, or rank; holding a lower or inferior position. The several kinds and subordinate species of each are easily distinguished. --Woodward.
2. Inferior in order, nature, dignity, power, importance, or the like. It was subordinate, not enslaved, to the understanding. --South.
\Sub*or"di*nate\, n. One who stands in order or rank below another; -- distinguished from a principal. --Milton.
\Sub*or"di*nate\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Subordinated}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Subordinating}.]
1. To place in a lower order or class; to make or consider as of less value or importance; as, to subordinate one creature to another.
2. To make subject; to subject or subdue; as, to subordinate the passions to reason. -- {Sub*or"di*nate*ly}, adv. -- {Sub*or"di*nate*ness}, n.

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