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Think You Can't Write a Poem?

by Gail DeBole

If you’ve always wanted to write a poem and think you can’t, try to anyway.  Here’s some tips:

  1. Keep a pad handy. 
    Brainstorm by writing down your ideas no matter how random.
    Even if your idea consists of a few rambling words, write them down.
    Over time, you may be able to build on them. 
  2. Be patient with yourself - Phase One  
    The writing process is just that - a process.  And any process takes time.  You may be able to add more to your idea in a few hours, a few days, in a few years or never.  Don’t force yourself.  Some ideas will blossom, and some will not.  Accept that as a given.
  3. Try free verse first. 
    That is one of the least structured forms.  Don’t ever start the process thinking you have to rhyme or follow a more sophistocated form.  The goal is to be able to write a poem to express thoughts, emotions.  You can always try different forms of poetry as you become more comfortable with the process.
  4. Be patient with yourself - Phase Two
    Don’t ever think that a poem is finished until you no longer can think of any way to improve on it.  I have poems that are probably finished, but if I read a poem and see a way to improve on it - even years later, I go ahead and improve the poem.  We cannot control our creative thoughts, but we can focus on them and hone our creativity to higher levels. 
  5. Visit to learn and engage is a community of international poets.Read their poems to learn about the way people express their creative thoughts.It is inspiring to learn about the way people think and to see all of the offers educational resources to help you write a poem, which includes a list of poetry forms and descriptions. Engage by posting your poem, and then give feedback to other poets who will reciprocate with feedback about your poem, as well!

    Gail R. DeBole
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