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Táhirih Qorrat al-'Ayn Biography | Poet

Photo of Táhirih Qorrat al-'Ayn

Táhirih (Persian : Tahere "The Pure One" - Táhirih is the Bahá'í preferred translation), also called Qurratu l-`Ayn (Arabic : "Solace/Consolation of the Eyes") are both titles of Fatimah Baraghani (1814 or 1817 – August 16–27, 1852), an influential poet and theologian of the Bábí Faith in Iran. Her life, influence and execution made her a key figure of the religion. The daughter of Mulla Muhammad Salih Baraghani, she was born into one of the most prominent families of her time. Táhirih, led a radical interpretation, that though it split the Babi community, wedded Messianism with Bábism.

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