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You are alive in my memories

Jennifer got up from her sleep and started to cry. It was third time in a week and she just couldn't take it anymore. Nights started to feel like a punishment. She wanted to break free from this vicious cycle of sadness and loneliness.No they weren't nightmares. Seeing your own child in your dream isn't called a nightmare but not being able to see them in reality is much scarier than any nightmare. Losing your child is a curse which you can never break free of .No matter how many therapies you attend that void in your heart is permanent. Anna's silly talks about her favourite actor.Her nonchalant behaviour towards her life often scared Jennifer to what kind of future her daughter might have but never did she imagine that her daughter would play no part in her future.That her daughter will become a part of her past and would have no future.Tears couldn't stop rolling down Jennifer's eyes. First George and now Anna .Her 19 year old daughter .How could God be so cruel .How could he take away the only and costliest asset of Jennifer without any warning."Losing your child is like losing your body part ,you no longer feel complete and you also know that you will never feel complete because what you have lost is never going to come back.You will have to spend your life with this incompleteness but you can still cherish her memories my love",Gabrielle tried to console Jennifer but Jennifer didn't hear a word. She was lost in her own world where she could still hear and see her daughter.Where she could hear her laugh .She no longer cared about the world . People started to think Jennifer was losing her sanity but it didn't matter to her because she would rather be called insane than acknowledging the death of her beloved daughter. Slowly and gradually Jennifer started to adjust to her reality.It was difficult but not impossible.She went to her grave every Sunday.She would sit there and talk to her just like old times but this time she knew that her daughter won't answer . Embrace the moments you spend with your loved ones. Love your daughters and your sons. Stop the clock and let the time run. Death is like an inevitable truth, it's plain and ugly and filled with ruth. love is like a garden rose, it's a poem and also a prose. Life is short to sulk and complain, love yourself and enjoy the rain. You will lose your loved one's someday, keep them alive in your memories everyday.


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