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Nothing much though will the heathen's heart accept from the duties of the eye, Dated back to some years,this man was seen in a very dirty cloth and a slipper, No one bothered to speak to him concerning who he was,because he looked odd among those evenly men in suits within a profound rich man's world of futility, He never went about seeking for a daily bread from anyone though he was seen to be dwelling in anger,a vagrant and also,intoxicated....... I chose to befriend this man after a day he appeared in my night dream, He never deprived my kind as a young boy, Made me felt as much of chatting and roaming with my age mate, "Please,I'm a final year tertiary student",this was a reply to a question he asked from me, "What are your assets in life cycle?",this question needed much for my reasoning when the man asked, Buh I only went beating around the bush and did gave an intangible answer, "Foremost,life is defined by how one intend to live;one's way of responding to friendship, desires and associations based on life facets", Infact,I became confused until everything he said was treated with deliberation, Digging gems on the topic of life asset,he stated,"you gonna be successful or unsuccessful in every aspect based on social influences depending on the relation you choose within your surrounding, what you intend to read,listen and perceive", He went ahead talking about family schemes which are capable of shaping or deteriorating one's life, Staying calmed and protracted on digesting every single word he altered,I deduced in mind how the free will given to some children are perhaps,weapons that could lure them to predicaments, Moving towards a point in link about myself to which he knew much of, "You wish to be well modified and groomed with spiritual qualities in self demanding",just after he said this,I was bathed with goosebumps, All because,that was mine diligent desires at hand and he prophesied it with ease, Strengthening me on how I'm gonna achieve this goals,he told me,"stay focus on good works,hardworking towards your responsibilities and also,be conscious of time since it doesn't need to while against you", Adding more spiritual teachings,"above all other things, paramount God since he knows all about you than you could know,develop and bear spiritual qualities such as,humility,self control,kindness,peace,mercy,joy and love together with its kind, Be disciplined about sex though they are meant for pleasure...but never be downcast even if you've been into such act before, God knows best for his sons and daughters", This man made everything he said more clearer to me with scriptural quotes from the Bible,making it more practical and illustrative, After receiving this deeper knowledge in a fold of rhapsody,he laid his hand on my head, But declared nothing, Within a minute in closed eyes,I felt in spiritual realms seeing this same man in an angelic pinions, Back to this kingdom of men,I realised meeting an angel, Ever do I yearn for more,as he anointed my head with oil in high grams..... I couldn't wait in shedding joyful tears and say,they that keep eyes on God sees and experience his mighty works.


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