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WARMTH 1 “ You're Cold ” He said as he took her hands and he couldn't be more right and wrong at the same time. Her gaze simply fell to her feet as she let the silence envelop her.She felt cold, her soul quivering somewhere in the corner of her heart, obscuring it's rhythmic beat and creating a swell of off tempo chaos in her veins. Her memory of his whispers were akin to the sudden rush of wind that hit her skin, wet with the storm of tears and caused chills to cascade their way across her body. But he was wrong, it wasn't she who was cold, it was him who was stealing everything that made her warm. Coaxing her with his silver tongue ,murmuring the words he knows she wants to hear ,testing his skill and bringing her to the edge of the flimsy fortress she calls defense to where she's just barely out of his reach, a paper thin wall separating his will from hers and he nearly giggles in delight when he causes her to tear it down herself like a spider tearing down its own web. But of course that isn't enough ,not when she's standing in there,all walls down, vulnerable and tender, her heart so soft he could cut through it with just his fingernails and be damned itself if he wasn't the slightest bit temped to try because he knows how easily he can like shoving a pin through a butterfly,simple and smooth and it'd be so interesting to see her squirm. But instead he's interested in how far he can cause her to do it to herself. All he has to do is let a few of his venomous words drip from his teeth, promising he isn't like everyone else ( because he isn't of course, no one else would be this thrilled to watch her crumble so slowly), that he understands that she's so incredibly weak and her heart is so big it oozes to the surface of her skin for everyone to see and it's so easy that she must be begging for it and suddenly he has caught her and he loves it.


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