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WARMTH 2 .... She's hanging on every word as if he's holding happiness over her head, but this is boring him, he wants to see what makes her tick, how she is the way she is, so it's time to step up his game. He moves his hand from hers and slides it up her arm, resting ever so gently on her waist and as if to further prove this point about how she basically wears her heart as her skin turns a rosy shade of pink and sends its pulse so strongly he can feel it.He let's his breath ghost across her susceptible ears and pulls her against him as he gives his orders “ Strip ” And she does... First go the clothes, but her skin isn't what he's interested in and he makes it very clear with the expecting look he gives her,so she goes again, tearing skin from muscle one piece at a time. He knows it must be painful from the tears pouring from her eyes and how the exposed muscle throbs with it's raw appearance and yet the look of concentration on her face just pulls him in more and yet it still just isn't enough and finally that red disgusting throbbing bloody mess is pulled away to expose her shinning ivory bones.He can't help but marvel in how gracefully they curve, the very core of her frame standing before him. She's completely bare with nothing left to expose and that gorgeous pearly figure before him is only more defined by the red heart that's left behind those ribs, as it pulses and drips and beckons him with each flutter. It glistens like a slimy rotting apple and it couldn't be anything more since it belongs to her. But you know what they say fruit is always sweetest just before it goes bad and it's too tempting for him not to take a bite and he couldn't help but marvel at how warm it was or the sudden chills dancing down his spine.


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