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Unfair fate

Long time ago, there lived a girl called Benila. She was too enthusiastic and hopeful to achieve her dreams. Her passionate efforts took her to success in her school results. She wished to study in a college that was far from her home. Her parents denied her wish because they were frightened to allow her alone. Days passed still she was very adamant in her choice. Finally, to her surprise her parents allowed her to that college. Benila was too happy, she proceeded her admission and finally after the vacation she packed her bags to her loved College. It was an A grade college. College atmosphere was so cool. Benila wondered on seeing the people with rich looks. Her college life was so fruitful. Benila never failed to contact her parents, Chattering about the daily happenings to her parents was her hobby. Many of the students loved her for her enthusiastic character. A rich boy name Wolfdoster studied in that college. He loved Benila, he was a filthy person with bad personality. He had lustful thoughts toward Benila. He proposed to her several times but she denied. Benila was frightened of Wolfdoster but she didn't tell anything about him to her parents. She thought her parents will deny to her college life. Days passed, Wolfdoster started troubling Benila. To her bad luck, a trip was arranged by the college. Wolfdoster's filthy thoughts made some plan. College trip to Ooty, Everyone started their trip with great enthusiasm. They went to various places in ooty botanical garden, boating, tea factory, camp fire etc. Benila was enjoying with her friends. Her mobile phone blinked with the melody for a text message from her friend with content ' your friend has fainted come to your room' Benila rushed to her room, But there was no one. Suddenly Wolfdoster appeared there. Benila was taken a back, he came near her and proposed to her. She denied and started moving, Wolfdoster got annoyed and his lustful thoughts peeped out. Benila started running Wolfdoster chased her. She tried to escape but for her bad luck she slipped from the fourth floor backyard, she was lying down with no help. Her mobile played her final melody, flashing the name 'mom calling' her eye lid closed. Benila was lying her pure body drenched with blood. Benila's mom felt something was wrong. She felt like Benila was standing near her. Benila's soul cannot reach heaven as she didn't receive a box of heaven. She searched for her mom to ask final sorry. Her soul wandered in streets. Witches tried to captive her. She escaped from various troubles at last her soul reached her home. Benila's soul reached her home. She noticed her home is filled with huge crowd. Her mom was sitting beside the corpse of Benila, Crying and weeping. Her father was sitting and staring at her face. Her mom was shouting at her to wake up but for vain. Benila's soul went near her parents and asked sorry repented for not telling about Wolfdoster, Her parents couldn't hear anything and they were still weeping. Benila's box from heaven reached and she departed. What happened to Wolfdoster? Something in this world is always unfair, because Benila's death is stated as suicide. Wolfdoster is still living happily in this world without any regrets or pain.


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