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There she goes again.

Walking against the pale blue sky, she must have walked for miles it seemed, the sun beating down on her like she done pissed it off, she could feel the trickle of water slowly cascade down her back , she didnt see a person in sight, she knew she should have listened to dan when he told her to check the gauge before she attempted to drive all the way to harrelsons grove to see her father, but when the hospital called and told her he had taken a turn for the worst she just didnt think, she left worked in the middle of a work day and called dan and told him her news, dan her boyfriend of 3 years, he would probably be calling over and over to reach her , dumb cellphones seem like they always die right when you need them, she must have been walking shoes in hand when she heard the motorcycle behind her , moving aside she beckoned the driver to stop scared to the bone, wat if he was a creeper, please she prayed i just need a uber or a cab, as the cycle slowed and she noticed shiny mirrored sunglasses staring straight at her she mumbled , excuse me sir ,,can i please use your phone to call a tow truck i have run out of gas about 2 miles back, or a uber , just so i can get into the nearest town, she knew he was looking at the runs in her stockings and sizing her up and the muffled deep throated sound escaped a throat that was strong and tanned, ,,, is that your mercedes parked against the willow tree, and a happy escape of laughter as she said yes it is you saw it is it still in good shape, no ones stolen my tires lol, i spent alot of money on those tires, even as she spoke she knew she was babbling which was strange for her, but a new uneasyness was laying it blanket over her, he replied, looked fine to me , ok get on , i can ride you as far as harrelson grove, and then im headed to the hospital, she was taken aback wat me get on that, oh know i dont ride elecric horses, no thank you and was met with gray eyes with furry lashes as he took of his glasses , i dont have a phone on me, your going to have to ride and she interruppted, wat i cant i have on a skirt, and before she knew it , he had reached for her shoes and picked her up and before she knew it the rip she heard when her skirt was pulled against the fabric was loud, this was one of her favorite skirts, how wourld she be able to control her nerves, and the beast shot forward and she immediately grabbed hold of a solid rock it felt like and closed her eyes against the smell of old spice and rum, she only thought about her father, he had suffered a stroke the month before prognosis was never good but it still shocked her nerves to kno end, now look, wat if she was to late, she needed to right to the hospital and see about the car later she knew that was the best she could do, she had to tell the stranger, the stranger with the granite looking grey eyes, he looked like something out of a movie with those eyes but they were hard, to the point, wait didnt he say he was going to the hospital, she could go there with him, she had to tell him, as she tapped on his back , at first he didnt respond then he pulled the horse with a roar over and said... listen you cant keep at me like this , im already late and i am trying to help you ,, as she said yes i kno i really appreciate the ride i really do , but i need to go to harrelson grove hospital aswell, he looked furious at first then he said one word,,, why?,


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  1. Date: 7/12/2019 8:03:00 AM
    Thanks, please make it easier to read with paragraphs.
  1. Date: 5/2/2019 10:15:00 PM
    gotta finish