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The Sly Fox And The Gray Badger

The Sly Fox And The Gray Badger

On a still moonless night,

two silhouettes, mere shadows sat motionless,

contemplating a cause of mutual interest.

Sly Fox and Gray Badger

sat side by side longingly studying

the tempting barnyard hen house.

Glorious visions of sweet, round, tasty orbs

danced in their hungry minds

as the evening hours silently passed.

Always impetuous, Gray Badger offered

boisterous violent suggestions always returning to,

“We should just run into the hen house,

roust those sleeping cluckers and steal their eggs.”

The Sly Fox, however, knew

crude tactics would result in:

farm dog barking, growling,chasing,

followed by Farmer Brown and his double barrel shotgun.

There certainly would be no sweet eggs

with the strong possibility of a bit of buckshot

in the sit down parts.

This was not acceptable to Sly Fox tonight.

Sly Fox said, “Badger you're a handsome, talented fellow

who's digging skills are beyond compare.

I propose we approach the hen house from the rear.

If you could tunnel under the hen house wall, quietly enter,

steal the eggs and pass them to me outside, I'll keep lookout.

I will collect them in a basket so none will be broken.

When we have the basket filled we can flee into the woods

and enjoy our treasure at our leisure.

The Gray Badger chuffed and considered this plan for a bit.

Finally, reluctantly, he agreed as it sounded like a good idea.

Badger gruffly said, “OK Fox, but don't think you're

going to trick me out of my share when we split the eggs.

The Sly Fox gave Gray Badger a sad, hurt look.

“Badger my old friend, I'll make certain

you get double your share tonight.”

The two thieves carefully moved from tree to bush,

quietly sneaking to the rear hen house wall.

Inside the hen house could be heard the cooing sounds

of chickens deep in restful sleep nestled upon their high roosts.

Gray Badger quickly went about the business of digging

into the ground deep enough to pass under the wall

and entered the still hen house.

Sly Fox waited nervously at the entrance of the tunnel,

basket at hand, waiting for Gray Badgers' return

with the anticipated handfuls of sweet eggs.

Soon Gray Badger reappeared smiling from ear to badger ear,

six beautiful grade A eggs held proudly held out to Sly Fox.

Gray Badger said, “ This is too easy, we'll have a heaping

basket in no time at all.”

Leaping back into the hole, Gray Badger made several more trips

till the basket was nearly filled to the brim.

“That should be enough,” Gray Badger said.

“Oh no Gray Badger, one more trip will fill the basket

and we will be done for this night,” Sly Fox insisted.

Uncertain but greedy, Gray Badger went back

into the hen house for one more raid.

Sly Fox, sly fellow that he was, started filling

the tunnel with dirt as Gray Badger disappeared underground

then rolled a big stone over the now sealed tunnel.

Finding a large stone, Sly Fox threw the stone high into the air

to drop loudly onto the hen house roof.

The stone banged loudly and rolled down the old tin roof

in a clatter and clank terrifying the now alarmed chickens.

Fluttering and shrieking in fear,

the clucking commotion and beating of wings

immediately brought the farmers' dog,

barking and growling in a cloud of dust.

Into the hen house chaos ran the barking dog ready for action.

Chickens clucked madly; barking and growling,

banging and clattering echoed from within.

Badger soon streaked from the hen house

running fast as his short badger legs would allow.

Slathered in dripping egg yoke,

in a cloud of white feathers,

a crazed dog hot on his tail.

Farmer Brown came running from the farm house

in night shirt, double barrel shotgun in hand.

The chase was on.

Into the night they ran,

barking and yelling then Boom! Boom!

Sly Fox chuckled to himself, “There go the sit down parts.”

Sly Fox picked up the full basket of delicious eggs,

silently drifted into the night.

A smile on his face, eager to enjoy his easily earned treat,

confident Gray Badger did indeed get his double share...

of buckshot that is.

When dealing with a sly old fox,

do not allow yourself to be charmed by his silky words

of praise and admiration.

If you're to do all the work and take all the risk

it will certainly result in various amounts of pain...

in the sit down parts.

Robert Gene Stoner Jr ©



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  1. Date: 12/2/2016 3:50:00 PM
    Robert: What a delightful little story. Predictable, maybe, but entertaining none the less. I guess I'm drawn to animal stories. A side note: Are you Australian? Some of the best stories come from Australians. Just wondered. Keep them coming. oldbuck