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The Silver Soul Love Cord

The silver love cord that attaches me to my essence, my secret soul-cord, is a pipeline to my spirit guides. It often feels dangerously close to exploding with feelings during my nightly dream-visits to heavenly realms, to check whether or not I am following the path.

Most of these dream-state journeys are kept secret from my conscious mind, but every once in a while I remember a glimpse of Majah, my Persian spirit guide. Majah had specifically asked to guide me during this life-state, which upset Little Bear at first, as he has accompanied me on most of my journeys. Little Bear was given permission to help, which satisfied him.

Majah and I have had sixteen earth-life-time-journeys with each other. Little Bear, who is nine, and funny, and giggles in my ear sometimes has accompanied me on at least twenty-seven journeys. So, it was Majah’s turn. There are other spirit guides, but I am not in touch with them as readily as these two.

When I finally get it right, I will float uninhibited, into the heavenly cosmos, heading directly toward the evening star, where I will join with the Father, the Son, the Holy Ghost, and all the souls I have attached with, which is practically every soul up there. Every one of them has helped me at least once, I imagine.

I have already explained about the car wrecks, and how I always think I am going to get released, but I always earth-live instead? Walking away from wrecks that would have earth-killed anyone else. I remembered heaven briefly after one of them, due to the cloak of disappointment that came down over my shoulders so hard. That is when I remembered that heaven-life is so much more kind and happy than earth-life.

When I finally get released – yes, I am looking up there, and yes, I am irritated – the silver love-soul-cord will trail behind my soul, no longer attaching me to this confining shrimp-like body. I will make my way to the High Host Council where my current earth-life preview will begin. The first time I did this I was petrified, but I have become casual toward the HHC’s glitter robes now. They actually seem quite fond of me. Eight wanted me to move on and become one with the Regal Esteem Soul Mind after my last earth-death, but two hold-outs ruined that for me, in spite of Little Bear’s pushing. Sometimes I think because he looks nine, they treat him with disrespect.

I close my eyes, hoping to see Majah tonight. He does not arrive, but a new spirit animal does. “You are so close now,” the light gray dolphin telepaths to me. I take a deep breath, feel calm, and peaceful, super-loved. A few REM encounters later, and the dolphin and I are frolicking in the dream-ocean.

I can hear Little Bear laughing. Majah watches sadly from the viewing room, realizing I am ready to merge now. Dolphin play is a signal to your current spirit-guide-host that the soul has nearly accomplished her intended earth-mission. I ooze out of my body, floating upward, my silver soul-cord trailing behind me….


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  1. Date: 2/5/2019 2:37:00 PM
    I love this one; very spiritual; wonderful guides taking you wonderful places; thank Heaven for our guides.