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In another galaxy many million light years away from ours, dozens of small inhabited planets were scattered about and away from each other. In one of such planets, called Plains of Eternity, lived Admiral Jenkins Isidore, a senior officer of the Space Force. This planet was not very unlike Earth. Rivers flowed, trees and grasses grew, insects scurried about, and animals were active by day and night. Isidore was not supposed to be out by the hill at this time, but he was. It was 2 a.m. and he sat alone surveying the night sky as the full moon rose halfway above the horizon. Many bright stars lighted the sky and a tree or two, at the edge of the scene before him, completed a picture of beauty. Right now, though, he wasn't seeing any beauty. His mind was several light years away at the Abyss of Darkness, the furthest planet, where his beautiful wife, Meridith, would possibly be if the fleet of Lord Ironweed headed back home.

Meridith and few other women disappeared from the planet two weeks earlier. Their disappearance coincided with the departure of Ironweed's fleet which stopped for refueling and provisions. Lord Ironweed was one of the many powerful warlords scattered on Abyss of Darkness , the lawless planet. These warlords lived by raiding and looting other planets. Ironweed was allowed entry into Plains of Eternity only because of an old inter-planetary treaty of the first seven planets. It allowed members right of entry and hospitality. Although this treaty prevented the warlords from raiding Plains of Eternity, their visits were more or less raids, because these criminals had no regard for any law whatsoever. Everyone believed Ironweed abducted these women but no one dared voice it. Isidore was trying to figure out a way to get back his wife without creating ripples. Lost in thoughts, he failed to notice that the moon since left the horizon and was sailing majestically among the beautiful stars above.

Isidore sat looking through the window of the third class pub in the Four Abysses, a large trading spaceship moving goods and people across the planets. He now wore a long beard and moustache, carrying a passport bearing Mr. Adam Hunter, a minor trader. This disguise was necessary if he had to rescue his wife without diplomatic conflict. Two days earlier he perfected a plan to do just that. First, he applied for and obtained a three week inter-planetary tour of duty. Second, he demanded to take along his official space boat. Third, he would travel on a trading ship. No questions were asked. Next, he disguised as Mr Hunter and bought a ticket on the Four Abysses. On take off day, Hunter boarded the ship quite early and mingled freely with other passengers for some hours. As the last take off warning was sounded he sneaked off the ship and disappeared. A few minutes later Admiral Jenkins Isidore officially came on board accompanied by military fanfare. He promptly dismissed everyone and retired to his cabin, asking to be left alone. Moments later Mr Hunter returned to the pub where no one noticed his brief absence. Through the window he could see his planet looming mightily outside. At the distance were three smaller planets, countless bright stars, white clouds floating against a purple and black background, and what seemed like a distant fire burning far out in space.

The Four Abysses made its first routine stop on Abyss of Darkness for trade and refueling. Admiral Isidore dutifully reported to his planet's embassy after which he returned to the ship. Shortly after, Mr Hunter left the ship and headed to a pub filled with travellers and astronauts. Loud music greeted him at the door. Inside he was surprised to see Meridith. She was dancing half nude on a table rounded by several drunk men cheering. He must have spent some time staring in confusion before a voice said: 'Beautiful, isn't she? Meridith.' Hunter turned to this rough looking man and asked, 'you know her?' 'Know her!' The man shouted. 'I used to be her regular client!' 'Client?' Hunter asked. 'I don't understand.' 'I must warn you, though,' said the man smiling. 'She's expensive. Used to be the most wanted call girl on this planet. Till some wealthy warlord took her as mistress three years ago but dumped her on Plains of Eternity, and some fool married her. An admiral. The idiot had no idea.' The man threw his head behind in laughter. Isidore was dumbfounded. His eyes found their way back to the table where the drunks were now pawing at Meridith. She was giggling, apparently enjoying every bit of it. 'Our fleet stopped at Plains of Eternity a month ago and I chanced upon her one day. Well, she begged for a lift back here, tired of her boring husband, she said. I agreed and here we are. She even brought a few friends along. Tired of domestication they must be, those women.' The man added with a smile, his eyes on Meridith. As he turned back to his 'friend' he saw an empty seat.


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  1. Date: 12/4/2016 5:02:00 PM
    If you got a gift that is not acknowledged, I say people are blind and I reckon to say again you are a hell of tale wrier! You keep me on that planet and I see all. Bravo!