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The golden leaf

As I sit in this chair thoughts blanketed by the noise screaming silently in my ear on repeat begging me to unload this whole year's deceit, I gently beg for a favor, I say not today, I say too much going on, I say, you say breeze, I feel the breeze whispering thru the trees, laughing against the branches, dancing its dance until its leaves fall on the ground to race across the wind to be taken in his hand, his hand, his hand you say, whos the hand the holds the golden leaf, will he hold me the same, gently as he sings that little tune, walking across the way, still holding that leaf like his life depended on it, i could"nt tear my eyes away, I could see out the window across the trees, threw the breeze, the shape of his eyes looking at the golden leaf, the smirk of his mouth twisting in a smile looking around to see if he was being watched to only hook my eyes with his, my heart began to beat, why silly look away, but I could not, he slowed and stared for wat seemed like an eternity, eyes widening with each slow panther like strut, looking intently, golden leaf still in hand, he was very handsome, in a clean man way and just that thought brought me to the realization of wat was missing, how dare he, is he crazy as I stood up just as slowly walked to my window, eyes glued to his with a insolent glare in them I slam the blinds closed, handsome or not, he not even wearing a mask, he must be crazy all this covid going on, and we in the middle of the second wave, I wont be catching covid from you dear heart lol.


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