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Satan said to his newest arrival into hell fire and brimestone

Once upon a time there was a woman named Roxanne, who was always being accused of being a bad listener. And who was not very good at following even the most basic of instructions. Although she really honstly a born again Christian, far too often she would listen to Satan. The malevlent enemy of her immortal soul.

"You can sin as many times as you want to, Roxanne! And because you are a born again geniue Christian you can get away with it.' He tested her!

Her thoughts became much more than being unclean for decades they also became pornographic! Her imagination, which God had given to her, became the snare and the bait the devil used to enslave her thoughts and her minds. He would contamniate her very soul.

No matter how many times he would call her a fool, she would willingly fall into his trapes. Satan hates Roxanne and all of God's created creations. Right now he cannot once more directly attack God and usurp His Holy authority, so he attacks his humans instead!

When her time comes to stand before God, she wants her hands clean and not blood stained with sin! She is growing older and weary of being chained and enslaved by Satan! But only Jesus Christ! Only He is the one who can break her chains and set her free!

However for the fictional Roxanne maybe her eternally destiny turns out be horrific! She worshiped God with her lips, but her thoughts were far far far away from Him. She is guilty of being doubled minded!

She fails to repent in time! When Satan graps her by what is left of her hair, he snarls and saids," You fool! You fool!You never should have listened to me in the first place! You should have never ended up here! In this place where you abandon all hope! You should never been double minded!"

However for the real Roxanne, the author of this short story, it is not too late to repent from her sins by the deepeset depts of a sorrowful mind, heart, soul, and spirit! She knows she can not lose her salvations. She can lose her heavenly awards, fellowship and relationship with God the Son, Jesus Christ!

Sincerly Yours,

Roxanne Lea Dubarry

Roxy Lea 1954

Roxy 1954/ October Country

February 03, 2021


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