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There was once a girl name Lovely. She lived with her parents in an apartment. She was described as a shy, intelligent, tall, beautiful girl. One day she walked through the park and saw a beautiiful butterfly. She saw it's blue wings with dotted features. She admired it and suddenly the butterfly spoke to her and said. " Hi Lovely you are so beautiful and smart with your good heart I will grant you three wishes." Then Lovely was surprised and said, " Wow how do you know my name and really three wishes?" Afterwards the butterfly said, " I am a magical butterfly and those who are good hearted I grant their wishes." So Lovely said her three wishes and said, " I wish there was peace in the world as my first wish." Next, she said. " I wish the hungry won't starve anymore". Then her final wish was, "I wish everyone just got along with each other". So the butterfly heard her wishes and said, "I will grant them all". All of a sudden there was peace in the world, the hungry didn't starve and everyone got along with each other. The butterfly said, "Why you are so kind indeed and not selfish you didn't wish things for yourself but for others." The girl name Lovely said, "I think if you have to make wishes it should be for the good of others and not for yourself". All of a sudden there was a wind and whistle harmony in the air and the butterfly became a boy and said "Now that you wished your wishes I will grant a wish for you that you will have a boyfriend who will love you unconditionally and help you for the rest of your life." "Me, my name is Hans" So Lovely introduced her boyfriend to her parents and they all lived happily ever after. THE END!*


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