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Love and Dignity

"But Janet I told you this before and for the last time don't make me repeat ,it was nothing,it didn't mean anything .I love you Janet .That night was just one slip with Marry .I was tipsy and you were at your mom's place. That's all." Salvajones was loosing his mind. He just couldn't understand why Janet was not ready to forgive him. They were married for five blissful years , atleast that is what he believed. On the other hand Janet was devastated . Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine that Salva would cheat on her. How could he expect her to forgive him?How could he say that it was nothing?was he the same person who once missed his flight to Newyork just to wish Janet on her birthday.All those nights which they spent together in each others arms seeking the pleasures of flesh was nothing to him ! Janet was dejected .Her marriage was at stake .It was a conundrum she never imagined she would have to solve. Making a choice wasn't easy. The man standing on the other end of the room was her man of dreams. The man whom she loved more than anyone and anything in this world. The man in whom she invested six years of her life .The man with whom she took the wows to love him in sickness and in health. The man who had broken her heart,her marriage and more than anything just destroyed her dignity. Something in the back of Janet's mind just kept asking her whether she was ready to break her marriage?Was she ready to lose Salvajones ? and most importantly how was she sure that she didn't love Salva anymore .All that love and care which Salva showered Janet with felt like affectation. Salvajones couldn't care less. He knew that Janet loved him more than herself. Afterall how many times does it happen that a woman proposes a man for marriage. A month passed by ,Janet and Salvajones were still not talking and then finally one day Salvajones lost his cool."Come on Janet stop being a pouter and move on. It happens in all relationships .You are not innocent either .I know you have had a crush on that colleague of yours, what's his name , yeah I remember Sheldon ." " Yes Salva you are right. I have had a crush on Sheldon but you know what I have loved you for more than 6 years and that is much more than a silly crush. I didn't sleep with Sheldon not because I couldn't but because I loved you. You are right I love you a lot and maybe more than myself but you know what Salva I respect myself more than you .I have dignity and I can't let you step on that just because you can't keep your pants on when I am away. That's it I am leaving you" Have you gone nuts Janet you love me ,just look at us we are happily married for five years and you want to destroy all of this just because of your stupid ego?" " No Salva I want to keep my self- respect , it's not ego.There is a difference ,maybe you will understand it when you will start having some self-respect but for now I have decided and I am not changing my mind". "Fine go ahead divorce me but you know what Janet you ain't getting a penny from me.Just keep that in mind." " I don't want anything from you Salva I have got what I wanted .I have trust in myself and my mind is at peace.I am an educated women ,I can take care of myself. Goodbye Salva, just goodbye."


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