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In the Begining

In the beginning, a long time ago, before the world was created, there was a flower floating in darkness. One day, the flower bloomed and out popped Lunos the sun and Solia the moon. Lunos took Solia as his wife and the flower became the ground. The stem of the flower became rivers, the petals became animals, and the leaves became mountains and hills.

Lunos and Solia had four children, Autem the God of Autumn, Frigus the God of Winter, Una the Goddess of Spring, and Inga the Goddess of Summer. Lunos and Solia wept in joy and those tears became humans. They were called the Unto Anos, the first people.

Lunos and Solia felt pity for the Unto Anos and sent down their fifth son, Argretos, to teach them how to live. Argretos taught them how to farm plants, irrigation, tame animals, make huts, and how to hunt and defend themselves. In return, the story of their creators were passed down through the generations.


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