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I Am Here. I Was Here!

It was 12:00 midnight… “BANG!!!” “What was that?” Neighbor said scared. “I am here.” Said a voice. “Who are you?” Said the Neighbor. “I am here…” Said the voice louder than before. “I know, who are you at my door at 12:00 in the morning?” Said the Neighbor. “I am here!!!” Shouted the voice. “I see that! Who are you? `` is the question!” Said the Neighbor angrily. “I am here!!!” Said the voice. “I am here! Sent forth by the Dark Sun O’ Lyfe! I am Here! To bring despair and misery onto your kind! I am here! To let wingless birds fly into the dark sky! I am here! To watch the end begin and the beginning end! I am here! To let the burning souls and cursed ghosts free! I am here! To let you join us! To embark on a new beginning!” Said the voice. “No thanks… I want to go to bed.” Said the Neighbor. “Bang!” “What on earth?!!! Woah woah woah! Get away from me!” “And you shall…” Said the voice! “CLANG!” “I am here.” “Oh my god!” Said Son.

“Mom. We’ve been getting the same knock for a while.” Said Son. “Must’ve been our neighbor Son.” Said Mom. “No it wasn’t Mom. He died 5 days ago. I saw it!” Said Son. “By who Son?” Said Mom worried. It was dark but some guy hit our Neighbor with that object and saying… “I am here!” I saw the whole ordeal Mom!” Son said very scared. “Son, listen to me carefully, go to your room, LOCK the door right now.” Mom said in horror. “Why mom?” Said Son. “Listen right now, It’s very important. Do you want to live?” Mom said. “Yes Mom.” Son said. “Go right now.” Said Mom. “Sorry Mom…” I said. “I am here... I was here!”


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