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Grand wedding

I am getting ready to my cousin's wedding, Happily to accompany my relatives, Cancelling all my classes to be delight For upcoming two days. I am standing in front of my mirror Looking myself as I want to be pretty, Wearing gold jewelry and costly cloths With so much happiness. I have been invited two weeks ago With an invitation, As my whole kins received it, Seeing the beauty of the cards. Sound wealth has been used for a wedding, For giving dot, as well as for wedding preparations, Umpteen people will gather here, To show their love with hidden showcase, For their jewelry and clothes. As I rushed to my cousin's house A day before her wedding, They are making pandal, And banana tree toran in front of her house. Beauticians for bridal makeup making her ready, For her evening reception, Loads of foods are prepared for satisfying, All the kith and kins, to satisfy for their sound gift. Close relatives and friends with gold present, Neighbors and ordinary friends with sound cashes, Arrived in the evening to wish the bride, And to note down the wealth used in nook and corner, For this wedding. Speaker with rocking sounds, Wakes up the forgotten neighbors to attend the wedding, Rushing toward the pandal to finish their dinner, And rush back to their houses. My uncle and aunt Are ready with their bags To receive all the sound Money and filled their bags, Which they gave as presents in all wedding...... In the evening bridegrooms kins, Came with the wedding Saree, Received huge respects, All the moments are captured by the cameraman.... On wedding morning with lot of preparations, Music band and all the kins Getting ready to wedding hall For their grand wedding. My cousin with a little nervous, Moved toward the decorated car, With the bridal names, And her brothers are ready to receive the groom, With a garland..... Latter a car followed by five vans, Groom with his kith and kins Reached the hall, Received by her brothers. After completing the rituals, They proceeded the church To complete their wedding...... With the wedding march and choir, Pastor started his ceremony, Asking their will, ask they nodded yes... Choir sung an amazing song ... Bride's father handed her right hand To the groom, Groom tied a gold chain worth Seventy two grams, As their wedding symbol.. They signed in register with two witnesses..... They came back to the hall , Completing the rituals With dance and songs, Standing in the stage with Saree and shoots, Twinkling as they are king and queen... My cousin with one kilogram gold, Glittered like a star, Life long savings of her father Made her to stand in the stage as a glittering star,..... My cousin shedding her tears, With the Grief of separation From her beloved parents..... Receiving special gift from their beloved kins, In the evening my uncle , My cousin's dad, Ready with a mini lorry of dot..... With all new house hold things And with the kith and kin Toward groom's house... Decorated hall with newly wedded on the stage, Celebration started there, Receiving gifts from groom's kith and kins, Grooms parents filled their bags with sound cashes, At last the wedding celebration ended, After all the cousins of groom Receiving the gift amount and gold rings, From my uncle..... At last my uncle is happy, As he found a good match for his daughter, With the whole wealth of him , By giving one million rupees, One kilogram gold and all household things as the dot. Finally he is happy that his work as a father, Has completed by this wedding .. I am again busy for my classes, Hoping for upcoming wedding, to meet my relatives...


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