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Exorcist The New Generation.

Everyday that a demon dies there is an Angel or child that is born to take the place of that demon that died! The new birth of the baby,or Angel that is born replaces the unlholy one who was a demon that passed away! The fact is that the entire human race has started to celebrate,realizing that those who have proved themselve to be "Demons are literally dying right in front of our faces! It has beenh published on the internet ,and all over the entire world that those who have proved themselves to be demons are literally dying when a baby is born alive! The scientist have found "The Lake of fire" which has been discovered right in the center of the world! The news media is reporting that everyday a child is born alive a demon dies!!! The demons that are dying are being seen gathered around "The Lake of Fire"in the center of the world,as they push one another into the pit of white hot flames! Humans ,after being tormented since the beginning of time,are flying over the lake of fire,and seeing their tormenters being pushed into the lake of fire! Researches have found out that anytime a watch or clock stops a demon dies! There seems to be no help for the unholy ones who have tormented humans who work to do good works. When a demon dies the bits,and bites in the computer starts to work right! Global warming finally came to stand still! The demons are dying ! Mankind has started to celebrate the true distruction of hate! The world has started to come back alive! Humanbeing have finally found a way through prayer to destroy any demon,before it takes over their lives! People have put prayer back into their lives!!!


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