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In the ancient world there was a hill with a lot of diamonds around its summit. These diamonds reflected the sun in dazzling brightness. When the moon was full, these twinkled like the stars above. The hill was a great beauty and attracted men from far and wide, all dying to lay hands on its diamonds. But this was an impossible feat, only a fantasy, because of two obstacles. First, the base of the hill was as flat, smooth, and vertical as a finely finished wall, rising up to three storeys high. Second, loose pebbles and rocks fell continuously from the top of the hill like rainfall all round it. The hill was impossible to climb and anyone foolish enough to try became wounded or killed by the hail stones. For many years brave men from around the world came to the hill only to return in shame. Warriors, giants, magicians, wizards, thieves, and many others. In time the Diamond Hill was abandoned and gradually forgotten by people except for brief references in folktales, songs and history.

Esla the dwarf heard about the Diamond Hill from his grandmother. He asked if it was real, grandma said 'indeed,' then seeing the look in his eyes quickly advised him to forget about it, for greater men tried and failed. Esla was no great man but he was now being consumed by an immense desire to have those diamonds. He tried to forget about it but instead got to a stage where he was not able to sleep at night. He only thought about the hill. He even saw it in his mind as clearly as a full moon.

Esla finally decided to set out to the Diamond Hill. He was laughed at and discouraged by his very own family. Filled with fear and doubt, he stubbornly made a vow--to bring back those diamonds or die in the attempt. He began his hopeless journey one cold morning. Minutes became hours,days became months, and then years. He went hungry some times, slept outside in the rains, became sick and almost died, but he pressed on. Some laughed at his quest, some called him insane, but some encouraged and even helped him on.

He at last passed all human civilisations and ventured into the forest proper. For months he trudged on surviving on wild plants and animals. His patience gradually began to run out. Frustration and despair quickly take over. 'Where is the hill?' he kept asking himself, lonely and tired of living in the wild. 'Maybe the hill is a myth,' he thought as he rested against a tree. He now began to think of how foolish he was to venture into this. At home he was not poor, his farm and orchard were doing fine. He should have stayed...but it is now too late, he would surely die out here and wild beasts would feast on his remains.... He fell asleep at last and after a long while he was awoken by a strange sound. He looked about him in fright. It was now night and all was still except for this sound. It was as if many big fruits were falling from a tree close by, but there was no wind. The moon was full and high. Esla decided to investigate. As he went closer, the sound became louder and clearer. Fear gripped his heart as he edged nearer to an opening in the forest. As he stepped into the clearing he froze. Before him was the strangest sight ever. His heart was beating so hard that he felt like fainting. In the far distance was a big hill with its summit twinkling in the moonlight--the Diamond Hill at last!

The next morning Esla discovered another pleasant surprise. The falling pebbles and rocks, after many centuries, now formed a large pyramid which completely swallowed the vertical base of the hill, making it easier to climb. After careful observation he again discovered that he could avoid the falling rocks by climbing over the south face of the hill. Thus, Esla made several trips up the hill filling his sacks with diamonds. After gathering untold wealth he thought it wise to inform the world of his discovery.

All the kings of the earth gathered and agreed to crown Esla the supreme emperor. He alone did what apparently far greater men could not. He turned out to be a great and wise leader. There was enough wealth for everyone and total peace returned to the earth. Finally, like in most stories, they all lived happily ever after.


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