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Cabin Love

Cabin Love

Steam pillowed into the air each time she exhaled. Standing straight, catching her breath, Anne stopped to gaze at the glory around her. She had been chopping and stacking wood all morning, and was out of breath momentarily. Hands on hip, she stretched her back and scanned to tree line. A fresh snow had fallen the night before, and everything was blanketed. Her single floor cabin was covered as well, the chimney extruding, and pillowing smoke. There was a silence this morning, a quiet peace, she found refreshing. She moved here just for that. The peace and quiet. Looking up, a soft warm glow emanated from the windows, reflected from the fire. Anne was content with her small, quiet country life. She looked up again, scanning the tree line, looking for her dog, and then whistled. Suddenly, she appeared, sweet Lily, her collie and ran right past her to the door and waited. Anne let out a small giggle and swiftly opened the door for both of them to go inside.

The back door led into a small kitchen, lined with cherry cabinets, and kitchen fixtures she believed must have been from the 1800’s. Directly off of the kitchen, a small dining room with long, oak plank table. An old, lace tablecloth ran down the center with a candle centerpiece. The living room had a large fireplace, with rounded stone hearth. The most beautiful antique mantle ran the width just above it. A large roaring fire burning, with Lily lying down in front of it now. Anne slung her coat over the small couch facing the fire, and crossed over to stoke it. Directly to the right was a small foyer, and then beyond, her bedroom. Beautiful, hardwood floors throughout really made the cabin seem alive with history. The bedroom had a small fireplace, with a fire burning there also. She sighed as she noticed her pillows askew again from Lily, she was almost sure, as she crossed the room to straighten them. She had a queen, four poster bed, with hand made quilt covering it. Anne loved pillows and always had a surplus of them on the bed, which, Lily loved to play in. She loved her little place but often missed companionship.

Early the next morning, she slipped out the back door, in her robe and boots to bring in more firewood. Just as she had gathered an arm full her dog ran past her directly into the woods. There was a small trail that led to the next cabin over but the cabin had been empty over a year. She often took Lily and walked the trail. Anne dropped the wood and immediately began to chase down Lily. Just as she turned the curve in the trail, she looked up and saw Lily. She was sitting in the middle of the trail, tail wagging, head down, being petted by a strange woman. Anne saw a woman in a navy-blue hooded cloak, reminiscent of the Victorian age dress, blonde tuffs of hair exuding from under the hood. Her skin was almost shining with the reflection of the morning sun. Her hands were gloved, slender, and gently petting the top of Lily’s head. She wore the sweetest smile as she petted the dog, somehow it drew Anne in deeply. Then she looked up and locked eyes with Anne. Her eyes were deep wells of mystery, longing, depth and passion. Anne’s immediate instinct was to just dive in and get lost. This woman had her in awe… Aware, that she was standing in awkward silence, she cleared her throat and stepped forward extending her hand to aide her in standing and introduce herself.

“I apologize. I wasn’t expecting to run into someone here. My name is Anne, this is Lily (nodding towards the dog), and we live just through these trees.” She watched as the woman smiled shyly, straightened her cloak, and responded, “My name is Catherine. I have just bought the small cottage, and the movers are on the way here now. I am very happy to meet you and hope we are great friends. I already love Lily.” Anne grinned and asked her, “Since, you’re unpacking today, why don’t you come to my cabin tonight and I will fix you dinner? “Catherine agreed and they turned and parted ways. Anne smiled to herself all the way back to the cabin. All day long she thought about how much this woman captivated her thoughts and she hardly knew her. Why? There was some strange, magnetic pull she could not explain. But she caught herself humming which she only did when she was excited. There was something about her…

Anne fixed some homemade stew, and lit two candles on the table. The firelight lit up most of the cabin along with the few candles she lit for ambiance. It smelled and looked great. Inviting. She had just slipped into a sweater and jeans when there was a knock at the door. Anne felt her heart jump in excitement and nervous anticipation. What the fuck is wrong with me? She thought to herself as she grabbed the door. Then she saw her, and was reminded. God. This woman unnerved her in so many ways. Anne took her cloak, and then watched as the most sensual woman she had ever seen emerge out from under it. Her cashmere sweater hugged the contours of her breast tightly, just slightly drifting down to expose the slightest cleavage. It hugged her waist so tightly; Anne envied that sweater. Her hips underneath those slacks, pulled her hands and eyes like magnets. She wondered if this woman had any idea how she unnerved her and aroused her. Anne watched as Catherine made her way to the living room and commented on the mantle piece as well as the table. She loved the way she moved so gracefully, almost like she barely moved at all. The firelight reflecting off of that sweater and her face, the way the flames danced in her eyes, Anne felt like it was a dream. She pulled the chair out at the table for her and watched a huge smile light Catharine’s face. Catherine slightly squeezed Anne’s hand as she sat down. Anne felt an electric charge jolt through her entire being. Then she turned and headed into the kitchen. She poured them both a glass of wine and fixed them a bowl of soup and sat down across from her.

“This is so endearing. The cabin is beautiful, the fire is warm, the meal is wonderful, and the company enchanting. I have never felt so welcomed. Thank you, Anne.” Catherine began. Anne blushed. She didn’t know quite what to say. No one had ever spoken to her like that and this woman spoke with elegance. God. She was captivating. Anne answered, “Thank you. From the moment I saw you in the woods something drew me to you. Your company is the one that is enchanting. Believe me.” Catherine smiled and blushed slightly. Throughout dinner, Anne watched and listened intently as she told of her life, ups and downs, how she lost her partner years before. She felt so drawn into her, and could actually listen to her talk all night. After dinner she took the wine, and moved to the living room couch, stoking the fire, and sat down closer to Catherine. She shared with her how she had been in relationships but now was happy here alone and had found contentment in the woods. Catherine reached and grabbed her hand. Anne swallowed hard. Her heart pounding. She took Catherine’s glass and sat both of them on the table, and turned to face her. Catherine looked so beautiful, here, just like this. Anne began, “I want to kiss you. But I don’t want to just kiss you, like some clumsy teenager on a date, I want to look deep into your eyes, those eyes that have captured me since I saw them, stroke the sides of your face and slowly taste your lips, your mouth, you. To really kiss you.” Then she paused, reading Catherine’s face. She saw her eyes soften and change. She would understand later what that meant, and then slightly tear up as she nodded yes. Anne leaned in, slightly brushing the hair from the sides of her face, gently stroking the sides of her cheeks with her thumbs, holding her, looking into her eyes, and then leaning in to slowly use her tongue to trace both of her lips. She heard Catherine moan slightly, then open her mouth allowing Anne in. She slipped her tongue inside of her mouth, gently at first, tasting her, teasing her tongue, then pulled her in sharply to her with the kiss. Pulling Catherine’s body against her and passionately kissing. When they finally stopped, Anne pulled back to once again see her response, and as she opened her eyes, Catherine smiled so happily that Anne moved back in for one more kiss.

Anne reclined and pulled Catherine into her arms. They relaxed and talked while lying in each other’s arms. Catherine finally got up to leave and Anne walked her to her car. Right beside her door, she looked at Catherine in the moonlight and was left breathless. An amazing goddess, standing before her, with the backdrop of the snowy mountains. Anne leaned in, pulled her to her tightly, and kissed her softly and passionately. She heard that familiar exhale she made of pure happiness, and Anne smiled to herself. She opened her door and watched as her taillights faded off in the dark. She turned to walk back in, very much aroused, happy beyond measure, and excited about the possibility of more time with this fascinating woman. Anne showered, never getting her mind off of Catherine and the way she kissed. As she lay in bed restless, there was one solution that came to mind: relieve the tension. She closed her eyes, and focused on her face, her voice, her tongue. Just the thought of her tongue, the passion and want in her kiss, made her lips start to swell. She slipped her fingers down, spreading her own legs, moving down, feeling wetness. Anne imagined the taste of her kiss, the warmth of her body, tasting her, eating her, and started to stroke her own clit quickly. She started feeling that familiar sensation of stimulation, orgasm, rising through her thighs, into her very being. She felt it moving, growing, then finally erupting from her like a starved beast. Pushing inside of herself, she oved, pushing herself even more, until she felt it again, this time with the familiar gush of wetness. The ecstasy ran over her, sweeping her, until finally her breathing returned. As Anne drifted off to sleep, she dreamt of only one thing..her.

Early the next morning, Anne got up to go bring more wood in, still humming to herself thinking about Catherine and the night before. She was building a fire, and heard a knock at the door. Anne jumped. Startled. Dusted her hands off, and crossed to the door. There stood Catherine. God. She was still in her robe and boots. Catherine just smiled widely and walked right past her into the house. “Thought I would have coffee with you. Hope you don’t mind.” She stated before Anne had time to respond. Anne just nodded. “Go ahead. I am going to throw some clothes on, build that fire, and I will be right there.” She then turned and walked into her bedroom, still have shocked that Catherine was in her kitchen right now, just fixing coffee. She dressed, run a brush through her hair, brushed her teeth, and rushed back to the living room. Catherine was just putting the coffee on the coffee table. Then she sat down on the couch just smiling at Anne. Anne built the fire up listening to Catherine talk about different things, chatting, laughing. It was refreshing to have companionship. Fire built, she moved and sat down next to Catherine, and before she could speak, leaned in and kissed her softly, whispering, “Thank you for the company and the coffee.” Catherine beamed. “I am happy you feel like that. And I was curious as to what you look like in the morning.” She giggled slightly. Anne just smiled, sat back, and motioned for Catherine to join her. They both sat, sipping coffee, talking, and staring into a warm fire. Anne offered to fix breakfast, but she declined, having to still do so much unpacking. They stood for Catherine to leave and Anne pulled her into her, holding her tightly. She kissed her, and Catherine said.” Come by tonight. I want to fix dinner for you. Return the favor. Seven.” Anne nodded in agreement, and she watched as Catherine disappeared down the small trail between the two homes.

Anne selected a bottle of wine from the selection she always kept in her small wine fridge. She tied a small bow around it, and left with nothing but a lantern and the wine heading down the small trail to Catherine’s house. As she emerged from the tree line, she noticed the soft glow of the kitchen light on, and her silhouette moving around the kitchen. She paused, just watching her busily move around, preparing the last touches to the dinner. Anne smiled to herself; this woman just drew her attention. She made her way up to the back door and knocked. Footsteps neared the door, and swung open to see Catherine standing there, a slight smudge of something on her face. Anne grinned, reached up and wiped it away, then leaned in and kissed her. “You had something there. Sorry. Oh, I brought some wine.” She said as she handed the wine to Catherine. Catherine smiled lovingly and stepped aside to welcome her inside. The house smelled wonderful. She was definitely a better cook and decorator. Catherine said, “I am going to pour us a glass of this wine, and fix our plates. Make yourself comfortable.” Anne smiled, removed her jacket, and glanced around. Catherine had a small table, decorated with two candles, a runner, and two chairs adjacent each other. The living room, lit up by candles, had a fire burning, and a large over stuffed couch. So warm and inviting. She heard Catherine behind her and turned to see her setting the table. It looked as if she had made a homemade chicken pot pie. Delicious. Anne commented that it looked and smelled wonderful, and they both sat down to eat. After dinner, sitting on the couch, Anne realized in the midst of conversation she was developing feelings for her. The more she talked, the more she wanted to know. Wanting to spend time with her now always. She intrigued her in more ways than one. Anne pulled her to her quickly, in the middle of a conversation, and kissed her deeply. She felt so overwhelmed with passion, and emotion that she had to kiss her. The atmosphere intensified with sexual energy. Both of them felt it. Catherine leaned into her, kissing her passionately. Annes hands gripped her hips, pushing her back and on top of her instantly. Pushing against her body, Catherine pulling her tin at the same time. Catharine’s hands ran up her back, under her shirt, Annes, moving up hers, cupping her breast. Both of them engulfed in a racing heat and passion that couldn’t be quenched. Anne stopped. Removed her hand. Looked her sweetly in the eyes and kissed her gently. “Not yet. God. I want you. But, not yet. “She sat up and pulled Catherine with her. Catherine smiled, she looked disappointed, but understood, Anne knew. She reclined back, pulled her into her arms, and they lay there together talking and holding each other long into the night. Anne held her, and watched her fall asleep in her arms. Relaxed, happy. She leaned over and kissed her on the forehead, lay her back, covered her and went home.

The next day, as almost on cue, Catherine showed up while she was stoking the fire and made coffee. They sat and had coffee together and Anne prepared a breakfast. She asked Catherine if she would be available that night, as if she didn’t know, and said she wanted to pick her up at dark and show her something special. Catherine must have asked her a thousand questions trying to ascertain the special location but Anne never budged. She kissed her and watched as she made her way back through the woods and disappeared out of sight. Anne smiled to herself, and busily started packing the supplies she would need for a magical night with Catherine. Anne pulled her jet ski out and wagon, loaded supplies, and took off into the woods directly beyond her own home. Just as she emerged through the trees to a small outcropping, there lay the small pond. Completely frozen over, and a small waterfall, frozen in mid-stream. Absolutely beautiful. Anne pulled small candles in mason jars out, and walked the perimeter of the lake placing them just along the edges. Then, she erected a tent on some plank boards so the ground was solid under their feet, she sat up the small tent wood heater, pushing the pipe through the tent roof, and went outside to chop wood. Anne chopped wood and stacked by the will be campfire, and toted some inside the tent. She spread out the blankets, pillows, on a small air mattress, and placed a basket with wine in the corner. After this, she spread more of the candles around the campsite and inside the tent, hanging them from the roof inside. This would be perfect. She would be back about 30 minutes before and light everything, start the fires, so it would be nice and welcoming for Catherine.

Anne hurriedly did her chores that day, and rushed in to get a shower. Her hair was still damp as she went back into the woods to light the fires and candles, then turned and headed back towards Catherine’s house. Anne pulled up to her back door on just the jet ski, and as she was heading up the back steps, Catherine opened the door. Anne kissed her softly, and asked her if she had dressed warm. Catherine nodded yes, obvious excitement on her face. Anne helped her on the back of the jet ski, and felt her arms wrap her waist when she sat down. Anne started the jet ski, turned and headed back into the woods. She just came through the same clearing of trees, when she saw the campsite, and felt Catherine’s hands tighten around her waist, she had saw it. Anne stopped, and helped her down. Catherine’s eyes were lit up, trying to take in everything she was looking at. A big, beautiful moon, frozen lake, with so many candles burning just around the rim, reflections of flames making the pond dance. To her right, the tent, with a stove burning, candles inside and out, and a large campfire burning with two chairs. Anne took her hand and led her to the tent, showing her inside. Catherine was amazed, and went on and on about how beautiful it was. Anne was captivated by this woman, absolutely. Something about her just drew her in. She leaned in and kissed her passionately. Anne stopped, and noticed her shaking. “Are you cold? I can make the fire warmer. “Anne asked. Catherine responded, “No. not cold. Nervous. Terrified. It’s been a while, and I am just nervous. “Anne pulled her into her, squeezing her, raised her chin, and kissed her lips lightly. “You have nothing to be nervous about. Relax. Its already beautiful. You are here.” She then leaned and poured them a glass of wine. Catherine started to relax, and Anne helped her out of her coat. It was getting warmer in that tent by the minute. “I want to make love to you. Slowly. Feel my hands run through your hair, across every inch of your body, to absorb you into my very being. I want you. I want to taste your skin, your lips, your sweetness.” Anne said as she pulled her hands into her own. Catherine leaned in and started kissing her passionately. “Yes. Make love to me. “Anne felt a surge sexual heat rushing through her body. Pushing her, like a consuming fire.

Slowly, Anne reached up and unfastened the clip holding Catherine’s hair up, allowing it to fall around her face. Catherine’s eyes reflected such emotion and passion in the candlelight. Anne wanted to dive into those eyes and get lost. She leaned forward, placing her hand behind Catherine’s neck, and pulled her to her mouth. Anne teased her lips with her tongue, and then pulled her into her mouth sharply, passionately, tasting her deeply. Pushing her tongue in her mouth, she felt Catherine respond just as aggressively. Oh, this woman’s passion was driving her crazy. Anne moved her hands up to start to unfasten the buttons on Catherine’s blouse, slowly, while rubbing her fingers slightly over the top of her nipples. Teasing her through the fabric, before even touching her skin. She slowly removed their clothes, down to her underwear and then laid her back. Anne lay down beside her, turned to face her, and started slightly teasing her skin on her stomach with her fingertips. Catherine was already aroused, anxious, she knew that. Anne leaned in over her and kissed her forehead, moved slowly down, lightly kissing each eye, her cheek, and then moving to her mouth. Tracing her lips under her chin, then down her slender neck. She felt Catherine’s hand on her back, touching her. She listened as her breathing was increasing. Anne moved to her shoulders, those slender, sexy shoulders she had noticed before, kissing them slowly, then biting down slightly, causing a slight moan to escape Catherine’s throat. Anne pushed down the straps of her bra, gently, just exposing the top of her breasts and nipples. She leaned down, and traced that line with her tongue, just touching the top of her breasts, barely brushing her nipples, causing gasps of delight and urgent anticipation to rip through Catherine’s body. She pulled the bra down more exposing half of the nipple and breasts, repeating the same pattern, and each time her tongue ran over her nipples, Catherine gasped louder, now squirming. Anne pulled the bra completely down, and off of her body, then leaned in and cupped her breast. She pulled her nipples into her mouth one at a time, circling with her tongue, biting down, and sucking, pulling her in tightly. Catherine was moaning now, just holding her to her breasts, absorbing every ounce of perfect pleasure. Anne moved her body covering Catherine’s and kissed her deeply pushing her body down onto hers. Catherine spread her legs and wrapped around her instinctively. Anne moved down her stomach, kissing her slowly, feeling her hands on her shoulders guiding her. She spread her legs, and moved down between them. Even through the panties, she could see the wetness Catherine was exhibiting. She pulled one leg up beside her face, and started biting down the inside of her legs towards those wet panties and waiting lips. The more her tongue and mouth touched her legs the more Catherine squirmed, moaned and the wetter she got. Anne moved up to her panties, and using her thumb, just slightly teased and pressed in on her lips through the panties, causing Catherine to lurch her hips towards her. She leaned in and placed her lips just above the panties, over her lips, and breathed her hot steamy breath right onto her already sensitive lips. Catherine felt her mouth and moaned. Anne moved her tongue to the bottom of those lips through the panties and pressed in. She heard a loud groan escape once again. Anne pressed in, and moved her tongue up her lips, to the top of the panties. She pulled the panties together in the center over her lips, and gently tugged up, causing a friction over her swollen clit. Then, she slowly pulled them down. Anne moved back up between her legs, and pushed her tongue between those lips, tasting that wetness, and oh god that sweetness. She moved up, teasing her clit, licking, sucking, pulling her in. She could feel her swelling in her mouth, taste her getting wetter, and then lock around her head. She heard her coming and a quick swish of wetness. Anne moved down, pushing her tongue inside of her, pulling that honey out, wanting every ounce of it. Catherine was still sensitive, as Anne spread her legs and climbed on top of her again. Anne was swollen, wet, and wanting to push down against Catharine’s wet lips. She pushed against her, Catherine gasped, feeling how hot, wet and swollen Anne was. Anne guided Catherine’s fingers down between them, and she slipped her finger down between Catherine’s lips and started to rock. Oh, the way she stroked her clit, Anne was coming quickly, she felt her swelling, and starting to growl, coming, when she felt her own gush coming from within her. She felt Catherine’s fingers slipping inside of her, moving faster now, harder, wanting more. Annes body was obeying, she felt herself squirting again, coming, as she slipped inside of Anne and started moving vigorously. Catherine and her began to come at the same time, climaxing, squirting, until both were out of breath, and soaked. Anne turned over to her back, handed them clean towels to clean with, and then pulled her into her arms. Both of them soaked in more ways than one. She felt Catherine’s head lay down on her chest, heard her exhale, and her body relax. This was the perfect moment. Right now. Her love in her arms, happy, relaxed, together.


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