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#Shortstorychallenge true story called Breathe

Running from a past full of broken promises in an ocean of tears. One night stands and a heart shattered by a lover who was incapable of giving love. Similar to a diamond, she became beautiful through the heat and pressure of temporary love. Giving pieces of herself to a woman in hopes of healing. Crying on the inside turned into a fruition of hatred for the one she loved. Who is this monster who took her heart and threw it away?

Time passes and she's learned to play the game. Like a high school quarterback, everyone knows her name. As eager admirers crowd her she's lifted in thoughts of you. Drifting along clouds in the dreams you've sold her. Being forced to believe in the lies you've told her. Never knowing the true meaning of love, she secludes herself from everyone who tries to shake her into the grim reality of her fate. Tears stream like waterfalls as she blames herself for the lack of love she receives from you.

Absentmindedly, she becomes unable to breathe. She is trapped in a fortress of lies and is unable to leave. Beating on the walls of your empty emotions, she begs you to love her or let her go. You are a monster so your answer is no. You kiss her and assure her that the love is real. You walk away with her heart under your feet. Killing her emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Deterioration has set in, she doesn't even know who she is. Hiding behind clothes just trying to fit in. Letting go of all of her ambitions to hold on to you. She loses hope in loyalty and starts to play the game she was taught. Leaving that innocent beauty in her train. Love is temporary to her so she never pays it attention. Never looking back for the love she's missing.

You find her dirt and make her eat it. Make her feel less than the woman she thought she needed. Make her feel worthless. Make her feel loveless. Make sure she knows that she doesn't deserve "this". An absentee lover covered in the greed of attention. You stand on her chest holding the weight of everything you've done to harm her, break her, and disarm her. You shatter the gates of her heart and blame her for the explosion of emotions.

On the grounds of broken hearts and bruises, You walk away without even noticing that she's turning blue. Blue is the color of her not being able to breathe without you. Devastated and lifeless she steps out of herself and walks away. Knowing that things will NEVER be the same.

The end. Hope you enjoyed. ???


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