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I can’t remember much. I don’t remember anything at all. Everything around me is black like I’m drowning in the depths of my haunting nightmares. I can feel my heartbeat speed up as a muffled voice speaks to me. Another voice joins in. I know they’re talking, but what are they saying? I jolt awake, breathing heavily with drops of sweat rolling down the side of my bandaged head.

“Luna! You’re awake, thank goodness. Night, get over here, Luna’s awake!” I hear the squeaky voice of what seems like a young girl. Slowly opening my eyes, they adjust to the bright lighting of a hospital room and focus on a tall, teenage girl staring at me. I stare back into her glowing copper-brown eyes when she abruptly jumps and whips her head to look at a spot next to me. I slowly turn my head, trying not to blackout from the overwhelming pain. My eyes travel up and down the body of what seems to be another teenager. This time, he has bright silver eyes and the same colored hair.

I’m snapped out of my trance when the boy speaks, his voice low, a stark difference compared to the girl’s voice. “Like what you see?” The girl grimaces and speaks up on my behalf.

“There’s no time for flirting, Night. Luna just woke up from a three-day coma and that’s the first thing you say to her.” I mentally thank the girl, being unable to speak myself.

She then turns her attention towards me, her copper-brown hair following the direction of her turning head. “Hey, Luna.” She speaks to me in a soft voice. “Do you remember me? I’m Ava, your best friend. That jerk over there is Night.”

The memories came flooding back, causing me to double over in pain. Bright lights flashed across my field of vision as I recalled everything that happened before I slipped into my restless coma.

The popular girls were going to try out the Cut Live trend, a suicidal act that supposedly makes you live longer. If the popular girls were doing it, the rest of the school was bound to do it. That means every student at Waterwoods High would be absent the next day.

Once again, I’m snapped out of my trance as Ava says, “You remember now, don’t you? After the popular girls announced that they were going to do the stupid trend, the rest of the school followed. The three of us went to school the next day, being the only ones that survived. But you didn’t do it. Luna, we are the last three students at Waterwoods High.”

Ava’s soft voice was interrupted by Night, who said, “Ava told us her theory that we, the Raine race, are immune to a deadly substance known as hydrogen cyanide, which is what we have to drink to complete the Cut Live process, along with cutting our arms. That doesn’t affect us because our blood is stored in our lungs.”

I hear my voice speak up next. “I volunteered to try the Cut Live trend since I didn’t do it the night before. I guess I survived, but I fell into my coma.”

The next parts I think to myself and myself only. They brought me to a hospital, but now what do we do? As I shift on the hospital bed, I notice that everything is eerily silent. Panic rises in my chest as my shaky voice asks, “Guys, where is everyone in the hospital? Shouldn’t there be a doctor tending to me right now?”

Night and Ava look at each other. In unison, they speak, “It seems like Waterwoods High isn’t the only place that tried the Cut Live trend.”

Night takes over. “I’m pretty sure the whole world tried it, after all, the Govenment broadcasted a message to almost half the world that required all of us to do it.”

But I didn’t do it. “What do we do now?” My soft voice echoes my earlier thoughts, laced with curiosity.

Ava responds, her voice calm and grave. “We can’t let the Govenment continue this act of genocide.”

Night speaks, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” He looks at me, then at Ava, cocking his head to the side.

Ava puts on a face of fake interest and retorts, “Probably not.” As Ava and Night continue their playful bantering, I hear a soft yet determined voice speak up.

Recognizing the voice, I hear myself say, “We overtake the Govenment and change the world.”


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