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12 12 12

Midnight, on the 12th of December Two Thousand and twelve.

The end of the world as the Mayans had seen things.

There are many who believe that history and the Mayans got it wrong.

I am not one of them, but I am here narrating this list of events.

Well it’s not that they were wrong.

Let’s just say someone who claim to be an expert

on Mayan language.

Misinterpreted the Mayans symbols.

And no one caught the mistake.

The 12th of December Two Thousand and twelve on the Mayans calendar.

Was not the end of the world, but the end of something else?

Twelve o’clock midnight on the east coast of North America.

On December 12th two thousand and twelve…

Cars, buses and trucks almost all modes of transportation.

In and around the cities and around the world for that matter.

Suddenly cutoff slowed and stopped. Electric vehicles those that weren’t

stuck in traffic manage to get around and go about their way.

Aircraft and all powered flight both Commercial and Military

to the nightmare of all Pilots and Air traffic controllers

found themselves flying and directing new metal gliders.

Many people were not as fortunate as aircraft everywhere

Started falling from the sky.

The death toll is in the hundreds as they crash-land.

Some of the lucky ones already in traffic patterns,

in and around the airports manage to land on un-used run ways.

And some even managed to land on the nearby Highways.

Any expressway and freeway became needed runways.

to the relief and applause of all the passengers on aboard.

All the people aboard who had some doubts about a supreme being

found a reason to believe in the one.

Those aircraft already on the ground couldn't take off as the engines stop running.

Stranding a great many numbers of people too many to count at Airports,

all over the world. Cars in parking lots and gas stations. Calls for help went out everywhere…

The Police, Fire Department and all first responders were all just as stuck as everyone else.

The News and Print media started shooting live video from their building windows.

In an effort to keep order the New York City Chief of police Marquis Garner

Put officers on horseback and foot patrols.

To stop people from looting. Although the subway was unaffected.

Both freight and passenger trains that were in motion, once they lost their momentum.

Slowed and came to a stop… puzzling both Engineers and Conductors.

Things got stranger as the sun came up. As the same things were happening

in the mid-west and on the west coast. And eventually all over the planet. Explosives everywhere dynamite, TNT and C-4 to the surprise of many explosive and demolition experts wouldn't work. Those people with a cause or a mission,

what some people would call terrorists, are finding that their tools aren't working.

The victims and dedicated volunteers that had been taken

and strap or fitted with vests loaded with C-4

or other homemade explosives start to laugh a little

as they pull them off and walk away.

People in a dilemma trying to commit suicide by cop.

And those trying to take out a lot of people with them.

They were also surprised.

When in public places, people carrying what is supposed to be an exploding backpack.

when they press the button and nothing happens.

One call for the police as a husband takes his wife hostage.

A former Marine in what is a dangerous situation for all concerned.

He has his wife by the neck in a full-nelson chokehold.

He has a live grenade ready to pull the pin

If the police don't give him some room to think.

He’s going to bring this all to an end.

A police negotiator is trying to talk him down but he's not having it.

With that thousand-yard stair that you only see in the movies.

He pulls the pin and drop the grenade at their feet.

The live grenade hits the floor and rolls for about a foot and a half.

And… and nothing happens… A few seconds pass and still nothing…

They look at the grenade like an egg that didn’t break.

And then for some reason the husband starts to laugh turning

his wife loose.

The policemen smile and before they can take the man into custody.

The wife who's had enough, goes off on her mixed-up better half.

She's had some self-defense training.

Before they were dating, she was a brown belt in karate.

Now the police have to rescue the husband

from his now very pissed off wife.

She is now starting to beat the snot out of her husband.

The stress relief has a few people laughing.

Elsewhere in the world shoot outs suddenly stop.

You can hear the triggers being pulled and nothings happing.

It takes a few moments before both sides

catch on that their weapons won't work.

Someone pulls out a knife.

And this gives birth to new track stars

Now that police have to chase people on foot and

rely on their tasers and nightsticks to keep order.

Guns everywhere won't fire.

Western North Pacific Ocean, somewhere east of the Philippines

One half mile below the surface in the Marianna trench a boomer.

Rift industries latest state of the art,

next generation ballistic missile submarine,

the U.S.S. Shade Palmer.

Under the command of Captain Chrissney Coleman.

Somewhere in her years of service as a warrior

She picked up the nick name (BB) as in battle bitch.

Rumor has it that no one has ever called her that to her face

without receiving grievous bodily harm.

A few moments after everything went dead quiet.

Captain we have lost propulsion.

Captain Coleman caught off guard.

What do you mean we lost propulsion?

Our main engines have stop running

and we can’t get them to start.

Engineering is working on it,

They say the electric motors

are un-affected.

Ok, then switch to the electric motors.

And take us to periscope depth, I need to bounce a message

Off the Satellites and tell somebody about their new toy.

The White House 9:00 am members of the president’s staff

Manage to meet in the oval office to try and find some answers.

Madam President the best our scientists can figure out is that there

is no combustion happening anywhere on the entire planet?

Not one to sit and think Donna M. Carter likes to pace back and forth.

In front of her desk.

Her second year in office and she was hoping

no major events would

Take place on her watch.

How is this possible?

Do we have any idea as to what’s causing this?

No. Ma’am!

Our scientists say that they aren’t sure what’s causing it.

There working trying to find so answers.

Madam President most of America won’t be going to work this morning.

And a great number of people working third shift are stuck at work

And can’t go home.

People are stranded in their cars everywhere,

on the road, in airports, in plains and at train stations.

The only exception being electric vehicles.

They somehow still work.

Luckily there are a few in the motor pool

So, we were able to gather the Joint Chiefs.

Our E.O.D. experts are saying that C-4, Nitroglycerin, dynamite, and TNT

have somehow become inert.

And that Gunpowder may as well be Talcum powder.

nothing will explode or go boom.

Electricity and gravity haven’t been affected.

This means our military is unarmed?

Since weapons won't work ma’am, there is no war,

and a worldwide cease fire has been declared

weather anybody wants one or not.

At least for the short term. Any fighting will have to be hand to hand.

Transportation as whole has almost come to a complete stop.

We have ships floating out there having

to depend on what few electrical engines that they have.

Basically, they are running on batteries

Our Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Fleets are managing to hold their own.

And are awaiting orders.

The coast guard has ships with electric engines

they even had to save a few of their own ships.

Gentlemen it seems that in some ways we have been pushed

Back to the nineteenth century.

I want to see how wide spread this is.

Let’s get the other world leaders on the phone.

I want to know if they have come up with anything.

And while you’re at it get me the pope

On my privet line.

I think we could use some special help on this one.

The Vice-President Tiffani Brown walks in

Excuse Me Ma’am after having her own meeting with security council,

a few agencies with acronyms

Gentlemen I have it on good authority

that all our larger toys in the weapons stock pile

Do not work.

It's only a theory,

but we have reason to believe that even

the neutron bomb just became

a very expensive paperweight.

What this means gentlemen,

said the President.

Is that the playing field is Level?

Right now, I don’t want to play catch up.

And I still have to deal with the food shortage problem.

Hungry and starving people will

become desperate and dangerous.


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