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Zimbabwe Quotations

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Quote Left ...the death sentence is abominable, as abominable as the crime itself. Our state must be based on love, not hatred and victimization. Our penal code must be based on rehabilitation rather than annihilation. Quote Right
Quote Left If you print money like in Zimbabwe... the purchasing power of money goes down, and the standards of living go down, and eventually, you have a civil war. Quote Right
Quote Left If you can walk you can dance. If you can talk you can sing. Quote Right

Member Quotes About Zimbabwe

Quote Left Zimbabwe we need to free ourselves from this freedom. Quote Right
Quote Left Zimbabwean politics are in a different dynamic from every other state. Ours is a struggle against for us and in this day we might have failed the battle of elections but have achieved several battles. The struggle continues with every citizen playing their roles in redefining the end game to real freedom and peace Quote Right
Quote Left God is never to blind not to see the strive in Zimbabwe , only his time of events are not inline with our desires. Quote Right