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Quote Left They were actually going to hit on the field, but now they'll go down and hit in the cage, ... [General manager] Theo [Epstein] asked me a few days ago if I had a problem, and I actually thought it was great. I had met Ellsbury, but [I] had not met Lowrie. Quote Right
Quote Left I started working on OpenBSD, and many earlier projects, because I have always felt that vendor systems were not designed for quality. Quote Right
Quote Left I'd like to see them applaud him in recognition of all he accomplished here. We wouldn't have won the World Series without him. Quote Right

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Quote Left Evolutionist can deny it all they want, but there is no better and accurate evidence with regards to the origin of man and creation than that, recorded in Genesis, every other theories and proposition is just a phantasmagoria of man's arrogance. Quote Right
Quote Left Theological preaching fills the head with graceless knowledge, The Holy Spirit ministration fills the heart and the Soul and give the Life promised by Christ. Quote Right
Quote Left Many theologians of today are the most dangerous people to new converts, They make the simplicity of the gospel of Jesus so vague and complicated. Quote Right
Quote Left I don't discuss evolution, to believe the theory is to deny many known evidences about the existence of a supreme creator (God) those who hold on to that view are in denials of reality and are by so doing ignorant Quote Right
Quote Left There is nothing that has done more havoc to the rain of revival than the illusion of "modernism and theological liberalism" Liberalism sets itself as another gospel but not the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Quote Right
Quote Left *Opportunity comes but once they said* I never gainsaid that but that quote only worked for past periods *I think we are now surrounded by opportunities it never comes once by often it just that we need to train our eyes to see them* *Paciolo Pen Saint theorized* Quote Right
Quote Left We Can only theorise about nature, but nature does not work as we theorise! Quote Right
Quote Left A sad Day when people drug old men, so they can buy their position of power when they have no money that’s is worth anything. All material money I. The World could not buy the Spirit of God or make a Man a “metaphorical Genius” of Theology or Metaphysical Psychology For man Has free will to say Yes I’ll join the Fight or No I won’t join the Fight. God would Know it’s a family Fued and to stay out of it. Sythians and Amazonians at Again, Only in India. Braided hair of both sexes caused confusion Quote Right
Quote Left "heavenly theory:the more you pleases God the more your heavenly treasure accumulates." Quote Right
Quote Left Absence from the person you love is only healthy in theory. Quote Right
Quote Left O dare to wonder if it be theory or practice that creates the master Quote Right