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Famous Romeo Crennel Quotations

Best famous Romeo Crennel quotations. Find, read, and share the best famous quotations by Romeo Crennel. These are the most popular quotations and best examples of quotes by Romeo Crennel.

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Quote Left We'll play them both (in Chicago) and find out which one we think is best. If we don't think one of them is best, we'll play them both. Quote Right
Quote Left And likewise. I hope (owner) Randy (Lerner) never gave consideration of changing the head coach. Quote Right
Quote Left I did wonder whether it would happen or not. Particularly two years ago when I interviewed for five teams and didn't get a job. I felt if it didn't happen this year, it probably wouldn't. But I was resolute and confident with where I was. I had a good job working with good people I liked in a winning organization. A lot of guys are looking for that. If it didn't happen, I would have just continued to do what I was doing. Quote Right
Quote Left The thing I've been talking to my team about is that even though it's Ohio, it's still one game and we still have a lot of games we're going to have to play after this one. Quote Right
Quote Left They (NFL officials) told us the same thing last year about taunting, ... As guys began to talk more to the opponent, that's where you can get altercations or fights break out. That respect thing happens. The NFL looked at it and said, 'Okay, if we can eliminate some of this one-on-one thing that's going on that causes ill will, then the game will be a better game.' Anything that's directed towards an opposing player is going to be called. There is no excuse. Quote Right
Quote Left Everybody has expectations, and that's an individual thing, ... They are what they are. This team is 1-2 right now. Until we can win another game, that's what we are, and our fans should look at it that way. Quote Right
Quote Left I don't think (ESPN) knows exactly what they're talking about. I'll tell you what I told the team. I told them it was B.S. I don't know where (the reporter) got the information. Maybe he should say where he got it from, but he didn't get it from me. Quote Right
Quote Left Everyone wants to get started and get moving forward for the next year. The more time it takes, the more they feel like they're getting behind. Particularly when other teams make choices by hiring coaches and they don't want to be the last guy standing. Quote Right
Quote Left He had a tough game on Saturday, but he'll bounce back from it. My thoughts about Charlie really haven't changed. I knew there was going to be a tough game at some point along the line. This team posed a lot of issues for him, and how he recovers from that will be a big indicator of what his abilities are. Quote Right
Quote Left Sometimes, when you've got three guys, it's tough to utilize everybody, but we're always looking for opportunities to get him the ball. Quote Right
Quote Left They have put more emphasis on (the Browns running game), particularly after he got his 1,000 yards and people realized who he is and what he is as a runner. Quote Right
Quote Left Going into training camp, everybody competes for a job. We'll have a good competition in training camp for the quarterback job, as well as for the defensive end job, the linebacker job, the running back job and all of them. Quote Right
Quote Left We were beaten by a very good football team. The score was evident of that. We couldn't do anything on either side of the ball and that is what happens when you get beat like that. Quote Right
Quote Left Everyone sees his size. But I really like his technique. He knows how to use his hands and move his feet. He's played this system and proven himself in this season by playing at a high level. Quote Right
Quote Left One was the attitude that the players had going in. Then we were able to make some plays and get ahead. Quote Right
Quote Left It didn't look good in the first half but the second half, it all went downhill. Even though it's 20-0, if you get a score you can get back in the game. But we let them run 80 yards for a touchdown and then didn't do anything at all. Quote Right
Quote Left Frisman came in and did a nice job for us. The big play was the long touchdown he had. That play helped his numbers, but he caught some balls at the end of the game. The pressure is on and they know we have to throw and he's still making the catches and gaining yards. Quote Right
Quote Left He's energized. He's having fun. Hopefully, that can correlate to success on the field. Quote Right
Quote Left It doesn�t matter what I think of the call, ... You can�t put yourself in that position (to be penalized). Quote Right
Quote Left You see him try to reach the ball over. Evidently, in the official's mind, he thought (Heap) had control of the ball when he first touched it, so that's why he called it a touchdown. I will probably ask the officials to take a look at that and see what they think about it. Quote Right
Quote Left It's a good thing that they're trying to get it worked out. Quote Right
Quote Left I would hope that he's experienced enough to help us when he comes back. Quote Right
Quote Left We haven�t been very productive throwing the football the last two weeks. That�s one area we definitely have to look at, ... When you do that you�ve got to look at production, you�ve got to look at the guy, the quarterback, look at the receivers. We�re going to do all of that. Then we�re going to decide what gives us the best chance. Quote Right
Quote Left If we can run the ball effectively, it makes it easier for all involved. Quote Right
Quote Left Basically, you're looking at an average kind of team. Quote Right
Quote Left You want to get the guys some reps, experience and an opportunity to catch up so they will be able to step in during the game. That's what we are trying to get done with the young guys. Quote Right