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Famous Phillip Fulmer Quotations

Best famous Phillip Fulmer quotations. Find, read, and share the best famous quotations by Phillip Fulmer. These are the most popular quotations and best examples of quotes by Phillip Fulmer.

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Quote Left The clearinghouse issue hasn't been cleared up. It may be cleared up in two days, five days, six months, I don't know. If it's just a couple of days he could come right back, but if it's too long he'll have to wait and come in January. Quote Right
Quote Left Rick certainly seems in command right now. Erik seems to be pressing a bit out there, ... When you grade the film and look at all the cut-ups and all the breakdowns of all the drills, the two guys are equal. If it's still even, what am I going to do? Flip a coin? No. We'll play them both. We'll figure something out. Quote Right
Quote Left Rick really understands what's going on around him and is able to get the ball to guys that can help us make plays. Erik, on the other hand, has a bit more mobility and ability to get the ball down the field better from an arm-strength standpoint. Quote Right
Quote Left Today was OK, probably not as sharp as I would have liked. Probably too many let's-do-it-over plays and you don't get those in a game. But that's why you practice, so tomorrow should be better. Quote Right
Quote Left I remain very disappointed we have had any of these kinds of issues at all but am pleased with the results in court for Bret. He will return to our active roster and the suspension is lifted, however he will continue to be disciplined internally for his immature actions and poor representation of our team. Quote Right
Quote Left He just needs to slow down and let things happen for him and connect on some of those plays that we can connect on, Quote Right
Quote Left These were mostly a few immature young men that embarrassed us; they'll either work their way out of it, or they won't be here [come fall]. It could be a lot worse. We're not sitting here talking about someone that's been raped or worse -- those things terrify me. Quote Right
Quote Left It's exciting for Peyton and for our program and our fans and administration and everybody concerned to have this chance to honor one of our greats from the past. To be a part of the ceremony is really special, Quote Right
Quote Left Phillip Fulmer , Quote Right
Quote Left I think we've done everything we can to make this work. Quote Right
Quote Left We've got some real challenges ahead. Obviously they start with Notre Dame. Quote Right
Quote Left We've got some real challenges ahead. Obviously they start with Notre Dame, Quote Right
Quote Left Especially early, I thought we were really sharp. Executed fairly well. Didn't have a whole bunch of mistakes. A few. I thought Erik had a really good game, except the two sacks. He didn't need to have either one of those. He could have thrown the ball away a bit sooner. We need to continue to work with him in those areas. Quote Right
Quote Left One of the things I pride myself on is being resilient, Quote Right
Quote Left I was really happy, and I'm almost hesitant to say this, because every time I brag on him, he goes the other way, but Jon Wade just played really impressive (Monday) night, Quote Right
Quote Left We are not going to do anything that puts our athletes at risk, Quote Right
Quote Left I'm sure he's kept every note he's ever taken, and he was a very good note taker. We usually have two or three guys signaling in plays so nobody gets a bead on what we're doing, but this could be a distraction if we're not careful. Quote Right
Quote Left Randy has dedicated his adult life to this program, Quote Right
Quote Left That is certainly no reflection on Rick because he can help our football team win. Quote Right
Quote Left I'm not taking away from the fact that we got a win today, but it's hard to feel great about it because I thought we'd play better than we did on both sides. Quote Right