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Performer Quotations

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Quote Left The whole motivation for any performer is Look at me, Ma Quote Right
Quote Left Celebrity is a mask that eats into the face. As soon as one is aware of being somebody, to be watched and listened to with extra interest, input ceases, and the performer goes blind and deaf in his overanimation. One can either see or be seen. Quote Right
Quote Left He's a baseball player - outstanding instincts on the field, good makeup, a hard-nosed player, always has been, versatility. [He's] a better left-handed hitter than right, and that fits us, especially with Damian [Rolls] at third base. He's just a good, solid performer. Quote Right
Quote Left The girls finished the 2005 season with a record of 9-0, our first undefeated season, and the league championship. This year's girls group is our largest and most talented team. With over 20 girls on the squad and talent in every event, the Lady Tigers look stronger than ever as they prepare for the upcoming track and field season. Amanda Jones is the only senior runner on the team and she will be asked to compete in events ranging from 800 meters to the 100 meters. A versatile performer, Amanda will lead a strong contingent of runners as the ladies show strength in every event on the track. Quote Right
Quote Left The whole motivation for any performer is 'Look at me, Ma.' Quote Right
Quote Left Something was still there, that something that distinguishes an artist from a performer: the revealing of self. Here I be. Not for long, but here I be. In sensing her mortality, we sensed our own. Quote Right
Quote Left The most puzzling thing about TV is the steady advance of the sponsor across the line that has always separated news from promotion, entertainment from merchandising. The advertiser has assumed the role of originator, and the performer has gradually been eased into the role of peddler. Quote Right
Quote Left When you make a mistake or get ridiculed or rejected, look at mistakes as learning experiences, and ridicule as ignorance. . . . Look at rejection as part of one performance, not as a turn down of the performer. Quote Right
Quote Left The public pays and feels it is entitled to participate in the personal affairs of a performer. Quote Right
Quote Left Advice from a veteran trapeze performer: Throw your heart over the bars and your body will follow. Quote Right
Quote Left Baseball is the only field of endeavor where a man can succeed three times out of ten and be considered a good performer. Quote Right
Quote Left I know Chris, I've met him a few times at various functions, he's a very jovial character, he really makes the show. He's the only performer on it and anchors it together. Quote Right
Quote Left The ultimate sin of any performer is contempt for the audience. Quote Right
Quote Left I worked with my parents on the stage in production numbers since I was 4, but I never really gave much thought to being a performer on my own until I was 12 or 13. Quote Right

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Quote Left "A good performer makes what He does look easy, because He tries so hard in doing so." -C. Witherspoon Quote Right