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Mug Quotations

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Quote Left The mug is a tool. My ace in the hole. To have looks is the bonus on top of what motivates me to be an actor. Not to realize they're an asset would be counterproductive to the cause; they serve the common good. Quote Right
Quote Left Chris closed his eyes. How could he convey to someone who'd never even met her the way she always smelled like rain, or how his stomach knotted up every time he saw her shake loose her hair from its braid? How could he describe how it felt when she finished his sentences, turned the mug they were sharing so that her mouth landed where his had been? How did he explain the way they could be in a locker room, or underwater, or in the piney woods of Maine, but as long as Em was with him, he was at home? Quote Right

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Quote Left It's ok getting doe eyed about babies and their being our future but don't forget Joseph Stalin, Adolph Hitler and Robert Mugabe were once babies. Quote Right
Quote Left Couples should be together, not because of need but because they choose to be. Two equal partners, not Master and Scivvy nor Mistress and Mug, but like the Yin and Yang complimentary. Quote Right