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Lai Quotations

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Quote Left The My Lai soldier lifts me up again and again and lowers me down with the other dead women and babies... Quote Right
Quote Left China has no income tax, no unemployment and not a single soldier outside its borders. Quote Right
Quote Left Diplomacy is a continuation of war by other means. Quote Right

Member Quotes About Lai

Quote Left I'm shocked by the racism that plunders our society. The ones that proclaim it with falsity will endure dire consequences. Quote Right
Quote Left Villains shouldn't be considered heroes by anyone. Disobedience to the Law of the Land is a lack of accountability. Quote Right
Quote Left No other nation on Earth is more blessed than America: watch the swollen clouds that bring down rain! Why has God chosen America over other nations? Only those discerning these blessings proclaim Him Lord. Quote Right
Quote Left All those who get two square meals a day have no right to complain Quote Right
Quote Left Avoid being the person who complains too much...what you say about yourself has a strong bearing on who you become with time...stay positive #Poetic_Ra*_Quotes???? Quote Right
Quote Left 'Hurry Honey' A Quality Poem..."If your plain Poem isn't becoming to you; Then YOU should be coming to us" W.W.P. Inc. Quote Right
Quote Left ~ spring is a time for quiet thoughts - it is impossible to explain what is happening to your soul ~ S.S. Quote Right
Quote Left "Do You want me to tell You what's wrong with the World Today? People became Afraid others would think they're Insane for Believing in the Miracles Science or Theory can't Explain." Quote Right
Quote Left If a genius creates a masterpiece in his solitude, his goal has been accomplished regardless of how the public acclaims it as such. Quote Right
Quote Left Poemas e negócios são como vitrais pintados. Se olharmos de fora para um vitral ou um negócio tudo é escuro. Mas — vamos! — Entre nos negócios. Veja os vitrais! AH! Mas — vamos! — Vá para dentro! De repente tudo é claro de cores: brilho e histórias sente-se um presságio neste esplendor nobre! Poemas e negócios são como vitrais pintados! Crie, Viva e aprecie, regalai os olhos! Crescei e prosperai! Quote Right
Quote Left Power can be sweet, But Without the confidence of the common man, Your claim to power is just a mere illusion, When Power does not have the trust of men of the lower ranks, It is Tyranny Quote Right
Quote Left History is made by millions of events throughout thousands of years, but it is explained in only a few words. February 2018. Quote Right
Quote Left Each of God’s miracles has a logical explanation according to the atheist but how does one explain the existence of the atheist to God? Quote Right
Quote Left We are all heroes and villains, life is full of situational morality, relevant ethics, and more than a fair amount of bullshit. Quote Right
Quote Left I do not claim to know everything. I know just enough to know when to stop. When to continue and when to reach my goals. I know much but in this wide infinite cosmos I know little. People say im a know it all. But I have never claimed to know it all,Just enough. Quote Right
Quote Left People are busy with their minds They pretend to be fine Stop blaming and complaining Quote Right
Quote Left You have to have a heart... before you can claim that it is broken... Quote Right
Quote Left selfish people claim others change, and they maybe right or wrong, however selfish people don't change, they change other people Quote Right
Quote Left Change for change sake is plain ignorance. Quote Right
Quote Left there's Freedom of Speech and there's also a Freedom to be Offended and a Freedom to Complain and Freedom to Moan and Freedom to Feel Hard Done By Freedom to Feel Inferior, there's also Freedom, just Freedom and also a Freedom To Ignore, funny really because, "Freedom" and "Ignore" are the two words in all this which people freely ignore Quote Right
Quote Left I will come back to claim my lost childhood in the next life. Quote Right
Quote Left All you need In life is the ability to go again, people that ease your pain, and a middle finger to explain Quote Right
Quote Left Not all your fellows will believe and support your vision. We are from where people don't take charge to better their lives but mocks at your unrealistic dreams, it's like putting the lamp in the box, seal it and complain about the absence of light. Hold on soon your dreams will be real. Quote Right
Quote Left Gypsy soul twin love of mine your my sweet sweet wine the roses laid out by the bottle keeps you on my mind Quote Right
Quote Left Sometimes the one who complains about the problem, IS the problem. Quote Right
Quote Left time is the only thing we can be sure about, it flows affecting us in its own way, we are born, we grow up, we mature, we get old and we die. Times keep flowing by only in one direction and nobody could explain why it doesn't succumb to the laws of physics and flow in both directions. Quote Right
Quote Left "How delicate, the intensity unrealised, but how fragile the desires of those who flail in rivers blackened?" Quote Right
Quote Left Train* Laid far* Upon tracks* He tried backwoods* Cork* Quote Right
Quote Left I shall no longer walk that road which once devoured me but proclaim the road I now tread Quote Right
Quote Left My little witch of where* What happened to the air* We were one loving pair* With untapped rhyme and flair* Then your eyes and nose flare* The fuse lighting our fare* The last I saw you stair* Up up and away, where* Lost a twitch in despair* And gave an itch to care* Quote Right