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Ivory Tower Quotations

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Quote Left The animal rights movement I belong to does not have the time or the inclination to criticize the work of others, it understands that working towards our abolitionist goals in incremental steps is the only way we will move ahead, and it has no use for labels - it is too busy taking action. The animal rights movement I belong to is united in support of our common goals rather than squabbling over attention or money, it has no room for ego or ivory tower activists with personal agendas - it understands the value of working together! Quote Right
Quote Left Vigny, more secretAs if in his tower of ivory, retired before noon.N.B. Vigny refers to Comte de Vigny, who locked himself in an ivory tower to work without the influences of man and desire. Quote Right

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Quote Left The season of Spring is more than a flower, it’s a scattering of all things from Mother Nature’s Ivory Tower. Quote Right