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Imitation Quotations

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Quote Left Were I called on to define, very briefly, the term Art, I should call it the reproduction of what the Senses perceive in Nature through the veil of the soul. The mere imitation, however accurate, of what is in Nature, entitles no man to the sacred name of Artist. Quote Right
Quote Left He who lets the world, or his own portion of it, choose his plan of life for him, has no need of any other faculty than the ape-like one of imitation. He who chooses his plan for himself, employs all his faculties. He must use observation to see, reasoning and judgment to foresee, activity to gather materials for decision, discrimination to decide, and when he has decided, firmness and self-control to hold to his deliberate decision. Quote Right
Quote Left Envy is ignorance, imitation is suicide. Quote Right
Quote Left Mr. Pibb is a poor imitation of Dr. Pepper. Dude didn't even get his degree. Quote Right
Quote Left Nature is commonplace. Imitation is more interesting. Quote Right
Quote Left Art begins in imitation and ends in innovation. Quote Right
Quote Left It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation. Quote Right
Quote Left Adaptability is not imitation. It means power of resistance and assimilation. Quote Right
Quote Left is the perfect type of art. Music can never reveal its ultimate secret. This, also, is the explanation of the value of limitations in art. The sculptor gladly surrenders imitative colour, and the painter the actual dimensions of form, because by such renunciations they are able to avoid too definite a presentation of the Real, which would be mere imitation, and too definite a realisation of the Ideal, which would be too purely intellectual. It is through its very incompleteness that art becomes complete in beauty, and so addresses itself, not to the faculty of recognition nor to the faculty of reason, but to the aesthetic sense alone, which, while accepting both reason and recognition as stages of apprehension, subordinates them both to a pure synthetic impression of the work of art as a whole, and, taking whatever alien emotional elements the work may possess, uses their very complexity as a means by which a richer unity may be added to the ultimate impression itself. Quote Right
Quote Left Fashion is something barbarous, for it produces innovation without reason and imitation without benefit. Quote Right
Quote Left Imitation is suicide. Quote Right
Quote Left For those who intend to discover and to understand, not to indulge in conjectures and soothsaying, and rather than contrive imitation and fabulous worlds plan to look deep into the nature of the real world and to dissect it -- for them everything must be sought in things themselves. Quote Right
Quote Left I love art, and I love history, but it is living art and living history that I love. It is in the interest of living art and living history that I oppose so-called restoration. What history can there be in a building bedaubed with ornament, which cannot at the best be anything but a hopeless and lifeless imitation of the hope and vigor of the earlier world? Quote Right
Quote Left There is no fundamental difference between man and the higher mammals in their mental faculties.... The difference in mind between man and the higher animals, great as it is, certainly is one of degree and not of kind. We have seen that the senses and intuitions, the various emotions and faculties, such as love, memory, attention and curiosity, imitation, reason, etc., of which man boasts, may be found in an incipient, or even sometimes a well-developed condition, in the lower animals. Quote Right
Quote Left Literary criticism can be no more than a reasoned account of the feeling produced upon the critic by the book he is criticizing. Criticism can never be a science: it is, in the first place, much too personal, and in the second, it is concerned with values that science ignores. The touchstone is emotion, not reason. We judge a work of art by its effect on our sincere and vital emotion, and nothing else. All the critical twiddle-twaddle about style and form, all this pseudoscientific classifying and analyzing of books in an imitation-botanical fashion, is mere impertinence and mostly dull jargon. Quote Right
Quote Left If music in general is an imitation of history, opera in particular is an imitation of human willfulness; it is rooted in the fact that we not only have feelings but insist upon having them at whatever cost to ourselves. The quality common to all the great operatic roles, e.g., Don Giovanni, Norma, Lucia, Tristan, Isolde, Br?nnhilde, is that each of them is a passionate and willful state of being. In real life they would all be bores, even Don Giovanni. Quote Right
Quote Left Men nearly always follow the tracks made by others and proceed in their affairs by imitation, even though they cannot entirely keep to the tracks of others or emulate the prowess of their models. So a prudent man should always follow in the footsteps of great men and imitate those who have been outstanding. If his own prowess fails to compare with theirs, at least it has an air of greatness about it. He should behave like those archers who, if they are skilful, when the target seems too distant, know the capabilities of their bow and aim a good deal higher than their objective, not in order to shoot so high but so that by aiming high they can reach the target. Quote Right
Quote Left An original artist is unable to copy. So he has only to copy in order to be original. Quote Right
Quote Left We cannot meet it the threat of dictatorship if we turn this country into a wishy-washy imitation of totalitarianism, where every mans hand is out for pabulum and virile creativeness has given place to the patronizing favor of swollen bureaucracy. Quote Right
Quote Left To refrain from imitation is the best revenge. Quote Right
Quote Left Man is an idiot. He doesn't know how to do anything without copying, without imitating, without plagiarizing, without aping. It might even have been that man invented generation by coitus after seeing the grasshopper copulate. Quote Right
Quote Left Listening, not imitation, may be the sincerest form of flattery. Quote Right
Quote Left I hardly know so true a mark of a little mind as the servile imitation of others. Quote Right
Quote Left Trust yourself. Think for yourself. Act for yourself. Speak for yourself. Be yourself. Imitation is suicide. Quote Right
Quote Left To translate, one must have a style of his own, for otherwise the translation will have no rhythm or nuance, which come from the process of artistically thinking through and molding the sentences; they cannot be reconstituted by piecemeal imitation. The problem of translation is to retreat to a simpler tenor of one's own style and creatively adjust this to one's author. Quote Right
Quote Left Art is not merely an imitation of the reality of nature, but in truth a metaphysical supplement to the reality of nature, placed alongside thereof for its conquest. Quote Right
Quote Left Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing. Quote Right
Quote Left The bad teacher imposes his ideas and his methods on his pupils, and such originality as they may have is lost in the second-rate art of imitation. Quote Right
Quote Left The Past: Our cradle, not our prison; there is danger as well as appeal in its glamour. The past is for inspiration, not imitation, for continuation, not repetition. Quote Right
Quote Left By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest Quote Right

Member Quotes About Imitation

Quote Left Limitation does not breed weakness, it breeds strength because you find out ways in your boundaries how to go beyond them.... Quote Right
Quote Left Limitations in life is God's reminder to men, A pause to remind you that you don't control life Quote Right
Quote Left My understanding of complex issues is hampered by the limitations of a simple mind! Quote Right
Quote Left "Tomorning, I break free from the iron chains and limitations of yesternoon." Quote Right
Quote Left Don't be bogged down by limitations in life. There is no real limitation in life. Even the sky is just an illusion. --Vincent Van Ross Quote Right
Quote Left 'A teacher need to open the door of conscientious knowledge of students, no need to impose the lessons of imitation or following blindly the predecessors!' Quote Right
Quote Left “Make your life a masterpiece; imagine no limitations on what you can be, have or do.” ~ William Darnell Sr ~ Source - PoetrySoup Quote Right
Quote Left Freedom with limitations by comprehension is not freedom at all. Just Saying.... Peace, Love, Prayer, Faith....Enjoy!!!! Quote Right
Quote Left We divide that ONE universal mind into different Religions and Gods due to the limitation of our minds. It is difficult for a 'pixel' to see the whole picture, when it is a dot in that image itself. Quote Right
Quote Left If location is your limitation, relocate before you suffocate. Quote Right
Quote Left Live without the memories and controlling limitations of the past. Quote Right
Quote Left The finite mind, with its limited conception of self, cannot define the infinite universe even though the human mind is capable of thought beyond its biological remains a prisoner within itself... Quote Right
Quote Left Make love an another human compulsion and you will fortify your limitation. Acquire it like knowledge and you will understand everything. Quote Right
Quote Left The finite mind, with its limited conception of self, cannot define the infinite universe even though the human mind is capable of thought beyond its biological remains a prisoner within itself... Quote Right
Quote Left Life is a mere imitation of what we see others do. Quote Right