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Famous Harold Pinter Quotations

Best famous Harold Pinter quotations. Find, read, and share the best famous quotations by Harold Pinter. These are the most popular quotations and best examples of quotes by Harold Pinter.

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Quote Left The general thrust these days is: Oh, come on, it's all in the past, nobody's interested any more, it didn't work, everyone knows what the Americans are like, but stop being naive, this is the world, there's nothing to be done about it and anyway fuck it, who cares? But let me put it this way-the dead are still looking at us, waiting for us to acknowledge our part in their murder. Quote Right
Quote Left Iraq is just a symbol of the attitude of western democracies to the rest of the world. Quote Right
Quote Left Anna: I'm getting married. Stephen: Oh. Who to? Anna: William. Stephen: Ah. Have you told him? Quote Right
Quote Left Good writing excites me, and makes life worth living. Quote Right