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Good Friday Quotations

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Quote Left The Good Friday Agreement and the basic rights and entitlements of citizens that are enshrined within it must be defended and actively promoted by London and Dublin. Quote Right
Quote Left We came here for a working day to get answers, from the two governments ... around the restoration of the institutions, around the implementation of the Good Friday agreement. Quote Right
Quote Left If the DUP is unwilling to break out of its negative cycle and begin to show the positive leadership which the political process and also their own community require and deserve, then the two governments need to push ahead with the full implementation of the [Good Friday] Agreement, Quote Right
Quote Left It means that Unionists who are for the Good Friday Agreement must end their ambivalence, ... And it is a direct challenge to the DUP to decide if they want to put the past behind them and make peace with the rest of the people of this island. Quote Right