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Flour Quotations

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Quote Left I wol bistowe the flour of al myn age In th'actes and in fruit of mariage. Quote Right
Quote Left In Paris today, millions of pounds of bread are sold daily, made during the previous night by those strange, half-naked beings one glimpses through cellar windows, whose wild-seeming cries floating out of those depths always makes a painful impression. In the morning, one sees these pale men, still white with flour, carrying a loaf under one arm, going off to rest and gather new strength to renew their hard and useful labor when night comes again. I have always highly esteemed the brave and humble workers who labor all night to produce those soft but crusty loaves that look more like cake than bread. Quote Right
Quote Left The human mind is so complex and things are so tangled up with each other that, to explain a blade of straw, one would have to take to pieces an entire universe. A definition is a sack of flour compressed into a thimble. Quote Right
Quote Left I am going to learn to make bread tomorrow. So if you may imagine me with my sleeves rolled up, mixing flour, milk, saleratus, etc., with a deal of grace. I advise you if you dont know how to make the staff of life to learn with dispatch. Quote Right
Quote Left Analysis kills spontaneity. The grain once ground into flour springs and germinates no more. Quote Right

Member Quotes About Flour

Quote Left "Love never withers in the darkness of failure, rather, it flourishes in the light of truth". Quote Right
Quote Left Turbulence in life is like a dandelion: once dried petals have fallen, it flourishes into a full sphere. Quote Right
Quote Left 'So many opportunities leads in flourishing you in you' Quote Right