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Component Quotations

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Quote Left As we become increasingly aware of the finite limits to the carrying capacity of the planet, the inefficiency of converting eight or nine kilograms of grain protein into one kilogram of animal protein for human consumption would by itself be sufficient argument against continuation of our present dietary habits. When one adds in the abuse of animals inherent to factory farming methods, the depletion and contamination of aquifers, the intense use of grain crops and grazing areas, and the release of methane and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, the case against our meat-eating behavior becomes overwhelming. And that is before we factor in the effects of animal fats - an inescapable component of meat and poultry - on human health. Quote Right
Quote Left There is a very real brain component to addiction, and society up to now has for the most part has viewed it as failure of will. Quote Right
Quote Left Breakaway from Cancer is an integral, complementary component of the Amgen Tour of California, and it benefits cancer patients across the country. Amgen was proud to host the Breakaway from Cancer charity ride in our headquarters city and join members of the community to raise additional funds to help empower people with cancer so they can live well with the disease. Quote Right
Quote Left We're increasingly applying the Internet to our entire business, from component design to end-user support, in the process making it easier to do business with Dell, enhancing relationships with customers and suppliers and reducing costs for all of us, Quote Right
Quote Left Zoning has become a bad word again, but (justices of the peace) need to realize that they've been spending a lot of time this past year taking on all these small component problems with development instead of seeking a big-picture solution. Quote Right
Quote Left I think it is a marvelous way to keep directors' interests and shareholders interests as closely aligned as possible, with both an upside and a downside component. Too often, people talk about interests being aligned when the directors get the upside and shareholders get the downside. Quote Right
Quote Left We are pleased to continue our partnership with York Street Capital. This expanded capital commitment helps to fill the growing need for junior capital driven by strong buyout markets and record levels of private equity fundraising. Through York Street, we are providing broader financing alternatives to companies and equity sponsors at a time when flexible junior capital solutions are an important component in financing both buyouts and corporate expansion. We believe that York Street will continue to generate superior returns and provide attractive co-investment opportunities for Teachers' Private Capital. Quote Right
Quote Left The nature of p-to-p implies sharing, so it's hard to imagine applications that wouldn't have some collaborative component. If you just look at the underlying engine in Groove, I suppose it could be used as a distributed database or as a distributed file system. Quote Right
Quote Left What we need to do is learn to work in the system, by which I mean that everybody, every team, every platform, every division, every component is there not for individual competitive profit or recognition, but for contribution to the system as a whole on a win-win basis. Quote Right
Quote Left 'As a necessary component of the living world, we must extend compassion to one another and to every living thing.' Quote Right
Quote Left It doesn't require a huge amount of athletic ability to play. And it's got this cerebral component that appeals to people like Sam. Quote Right
Quote Left Our technology is a key component in all 3G equipment. Quote Right