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Biting Quotations

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Quote Left But words came halting forth, wanting Inventions stayInvention, Natures child, fled step-dame Studys blows...Biting my truant pen, beating myself for spite,Fool, said my Muse to me look in thy heart and write. Quote Right
Quote Left The Media is an abstraction (because a newspaper is not concrete and only in an abstract sense can be considered an individual), which in association with the passionlessness and reflection of the times creates that abstract phantom, the public, which is the actual leveler. . . . More and more individuals will, because of their indolent bloodlessness, aspire to become nothing, in order to become the public, this abstract whole, which forms in this ridiculous manner: the public comes into existence because all its participants become third parties. This lazy mass, which understands nothing and does nothing, this public gallery seeks some distraction, and soon gives itself over to the idea that everything which someone does, or achieves, has been done to provide the public something to gossip about. . . . The public has a dog for its amusement. That dog is the Media. If there is someone better than the public, someone who distinguishes himself, the public sets the dog on him and all the amusement begins. This biting dog tears up his coat-tails, and takes all sort of vulgar liberties with his leg--until the public bores of it all and calls the dog off. That is how the public levels. Quote Right
Quote Left I think remorse ought to stop biting the consciences that feed it. Quote Right
Quote Left Thus, with child to speak, and helpless in my throes, biting my truant pen, beating myself for spite: Fool! said my muse to me, look in thy heart, and write. Quote Right
Quote Left The clear, star-lit sky clouded overhead and the already biting winds intensified as if feeding on my sorrow, gaining its strength from where my heart had left behind a dark, gaping void; a hole which for a second had been filled, and now seemed larger than ever. Quote Right
Quote Left There I sat, in the biting wind, wishing she were gone. Quote Right
Quote Left Let the soil squeal I am the biting man And the velvet dead inch out. Quote Right
Quote Left Revenge is often like biting a dog because the dog bit you. Quote Right
Quote Left After I became a citizen, I felt freer to say what I thought about this country, both negative and positive. I think I had been, consciously and subconsciously, biting my tongue in the past. Quote Right
Quote Left His biting is immortal; those that do die of it do seldom or never recover. Quote Right
Quote Left See what will happen if you don't stop biting your fingernails Quote Right

Member Quotes About Biting

Quote Left I'd rather feel the blow of a clenched fist that the sting of my past biting me in the ads. Quote Right
Quote Left nail biting is antigenic not sickness Quote Right