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Allegation Quotations

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Quote Left Vivisection: The Psychopathic Aspect.  Sadism is a very ugly word, which serves to define a very ugly psychopathy - a mental disease. Vivisectors have been known to accept with equanimity the allegation of being money grubbers - of doing cruel experiments only to gain money or a professorship. But we have never known a vivisector who bore with equanimity the allegation of being a sadist. They always reacted to all such allegations with frothing, like other psychopaths when they are confronted with the nature of their disorder.  If it is a mistake to believe that all vivisectors are sadists, it would be another mistake to believe that sadism is not rampant in the animal laboratories. It is. In fact, for men and women (more men, as a rule) who are affected by this grave psychopathy (mental malady), and on top of it are animal haters, what kind of remunerated occupation could be more gratifying than a job in a viviection laboratory?  Quote Right
Quote Left Generosity is a part of my character, and I therefore hasten to assure this Government that I will never make an allegation of dishonesty against it wherever a simple explanation of stupidity will suffice. Quote Right
Quote Left He never administered any medication. He never did. He never organized anything. There is no truth to any allegation. It will come out that all of these things are fabricated. Quote Right

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Quote Left The corrupt will find a way out of their corruption charges, it is the innocent that get entangled in false allegations. --Vincent Van Ross Quote Right
Quote Left There's no Secret to it. Education is key to Life, the lack thereof results in frivolous allegations against people who have earned their place in Society.... Quote Right