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I am English and began writing poetry at the turn of this century.Read MY FOUR TENETS OF CREATIVITY ,a free ebook (in OPEN VERSE) & my ARTICLES ON POETRY   at BOOKS (print copies $25 postpaid )FLOWERS of LIFE  the american cinquains by William Soutar, isbn 978 1903203477 I edited and published in 2005 see original  link SHORTHAND OF THE HEART a selection of poetic form published 2005 isbn 1 903203422whilst the third POIEMA a selection of Ekphrasis published 2006 isbn19032035 read free @

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F F I series 16 counted verse

Blog Posted:10/2/2019 12:43:00 AM

Any Word counted verse ,similar to this example of  W C Williams famous Red Wheel barrow((8 lines in 4 stanzas) first line 3,2nd 1 is our challenge today,( The form is orderly,mathematical and arbitary so other word  patterns  are acceptable )

so much depends


a red wheel


glazed with rain


besides the white


usual FFI ,any word counted verse PS link in a soupmail


Dear Heart


Mark Toney



PP or HM as appropriate

Entries accepted whilst this most recent blogs page is available


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