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Football Players

running 12 men 
24 in total, puffing carbon dioxide
inhaling oxygen from the outside,
shouting a teammate from the other side
watch that space
whistle,that one is playing offside
think should do that in practice,
spectators like that on the east side,

the players, 
the passer-by
where is the wayside
not like sport field with pedestrian roadside
where should one pass?
in a broad daylight in the countryside

a day thinking within side
playing is preferably a cool weather alongside
small place 
big planet 
on a 45 degrees 
rotating with a small country side

Copyright © Sifundo Khanyile | Year Posted 2018

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Savanna forest crayons
December 22, 2017 · 
Black heel with the black dress
Black hair on scratch.
yellow bone 
with a black hat on scotch
with a dress-code that is black intact 
with the
Silver railings that are matching her.

Golden light glows unveiling Yellow bone beauty from Manchester . 
pouncing hearts
had lost oxygen 
-breath in-
at KZN.

She is s eye catching as she smiles i thought diamonds were coming out from the TV.

Black high heels on a black and white tiles 
could she looked to this direction?
she wears white gloves and speaks in English
Pressed her eyes once Dignified like of an owl 's eyes
the yellow bone from Manchester.

Copyright © Sifundo Khanyile | Year Posted 2018

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Charming Brown

Charming brown it's the smell of a cocoa, 
the brown suit , the caramel perfume,
pouring of a caramel on a brown tea that the
brown shoes descending on brown path,
it is a charming brown.

brown leaves, brown dress,
down the path, up to the trees,
it is more of brown.

brown twigs, brown suit,
smells natural, scent of humility,
down the road,
down to the under-ground,
it is brown color.

brown natural leaves above the brown dress
below it is the 'sweet teeth',
brown leaves and trees just produces sort of taste.

the bouncing infra-red ,red-light on the red leaves,
that improves intelligent
on a major brown suit.

brown weeding gowns, brown nests,
here and up there,
blue sky, white clouds moving to the west
the brown dresses and the brown suits.

pitching down, plunging down, descending down,
going up, lifting up, rising up,
brown dust up in the air,
brown hill, brown shoes,
dancing on a brown path,

red leaves blew up,elaborated by wind 
extending red on a major brown dress,
the major brown Princess, the woman in brown dress,

Copyright © Sifundo Khanyile | Year Posted 2018

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Cars and a Castle

Cars and a Castle
Henry Ford –Engineer

On a worm eye these are the bicycles spooks, tyres are rotating on rubber.the smell of a rubber.the chrome had been sparkling. Dim -light and shines Reflecting of shadows and a bright sky.looking up to the clear less sky, it is just a sky with nothing is only fluffy smoke and opens up to blue. a reflection of the sea.

Copyright © Sifundo Khanyile | Year Posted 2018

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The Alarm clock

Alarm Clock
-Levis Hutchins,the inventor

On a birds eye survey you had seen buildings, horses, wagons on a flat yard.

In central vision you had seen the street of Hampshire before you
had seen their walls in front of you. They were worn out and were having this course texture.Horses were having clip-clop sound of their heels on a left ear,they had been casual and walking on a solid gravel of the town. on your right hand ear , when you had took the first left turn,a Hampshire chocolate dusty particles had engulfed folks.

On a direct view you ve seen the main street. On the eastern side of the main street that would been a three stories high building. That would have been the Concord NH company of Levi Hutchins and Simon Willard the inventor of alarm watch .That would had been a rugged pine wood doors in front of you.A brass clock hanged on the pinewood door.

the first alarm clock maker to manufacture brass clock in New Hampshire 
"it would be sometime before the similar inventions would replace the method of waking" Hampshireblog

yeah! that one day.... i shall WAIT for an alarm
in the morning, yeah! it will smell of bacon in the kitchen yeah!it will smell of espresso,yeah!it will smell of peppermint, yep

Waking in the morning is good. He thought people should wake up in time.
He designed an alarm watch in 1780. There is Big Creator though..
they THEMSELVES tracked the movement of the sun

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth"
and God said: “Let there be light.” Then there was light. After that God saw that the light was good, and God began to divide the light from the darkness."Genesis

Copyright © Sifundo Khanyile | Year Posted 2018

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Wedding dresses

Savanna forest crayons
February 22 · 
White Dresses (Worker poems)

Dry land consist the soil,
that comprises of a grass,
it also consist of the rivers,
with banks of sands-

People are doing work by their hands,
delightfully their eyes are looking into their hands,
Fingers are moving from their palms,
silently they are knitting threads of a cotton wool
from the sheep cotton,
They are using sewing machines,
From their hands into their brains,
They sew creative intelligence to wedding dresses
Thus they make dresses for weddings.

White Dresses

Copyright © Sifundo Khanyile | Year Posted 2018

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Snow white

Finally, it is white annually-
pressumably, it is a white dress fourthcomingly,
it is going to be a white dress certainly;
convincingly, it is going to be complitely
a White decor.
Bonjour accessories, you going to stand on white,
convincingly,fittingly white in this decor;
i'd need a white carpet;
definetly everything is going to be white today.

White dress,white flowers
white moon like in the last winter,
snow drift, snow flakes in a snowline
i'm n't a snowfall, definately i'm n't from Europe;
certainly everything is forthcomingly to be white today.

budle up waiting for,hoping for, embracing for the white dress
a white hill covered in ice.

Copyright © Sifundo Khanyile | Year Posted 2018

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A traveller

a traveler , frightened by tomtit
and entered into the bushes which is petite
this is it 
it not a tomtit is a bush tit
singing song in a daylight
a traveler around the bushes,
all daylong crossing,
all along walking,
all the this time frightened 
by bush tit

Copyright © Sifundo Khanyile | Year Posted 2018

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she was on the right hand side,,
i greeted her once
i called her a Madam,
she agreed once,
ouch once upon a time,i greeted her by a Madam once.

it'would be different story if i did pounce to her
it would be less than an ounce 
it 'd been a natio-wild
in her biology.
a Madam 
dabbing my fingers on a table,
Bonjour  Madam 
a cog Madam.

the computer screen if facing me,
the poetry competition, write anything about Madam,
i greeted a woman by  calling her a Madam.

Copyright © Sifundo Khanyile | Year Posted 2018

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Feelings in the RMS Titanic Voyage

On the North Atlantic, wind currents air are emanating from the farsighted North America.

wind howls!

“Sometimes you meet a person and you just click –you are comfortable with him, like you know him from your whole life, and you don’t have to pretend to be anyone or anything”

Feeling frozen!

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply give you courage” Lao Tzu

a sheer size ship, a vessel, the histroy made, triple-expansion steam engines,no shipbuilder had ever before attempted to construct this vessel. '

'Nothing beats the feeling of being in love.' the feeling of love is the best feeling in the world.

waves roar and crash to the side of the ship!
Love is one of the qualities God created.learn and observe.listen to Old book for his guidance.

"And Jehovah God built the rib that he had taken from the man into a woman, and he brought her to the man" Genesis

On a ground level eye view, the sea has a swing of cold and warm temperatures. A view from above the ground floor has a smooth surface. People wearing the black suits are bordering in.

Copyright © Sifundo Khanyile | Year Posted 2018