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From Letters to Love

It was you who got me through one of the darkest times in my life.
Your letters providing my only source of comfort, and I never felt alone.
As if we were doing the time together, not just helping each other through.

When I got transferred, and they took away your mail,
I still never forgot you.
Instead you became my driving force, the light at the tunnel's end.
Everyday looking at your pictures, and vowing to make you mine.

Eventually they let me out, I was determined to track you down.
No way of knowing if you'd get my message, or if you'd even respond.
After three months, without a word between us, I figured you might be gone.
But, almost immediately I received your response.
Happiness engulfed me, and I regained my hope,
That I was one step closer to making you my girl, and giving you the love you deserve 

The following day you came to see me, looking as beautiful as can be 
I was shy, even bashful, nervous is not even the word.
But, you took control of the conversation, and put my mind at ease.
After months of waiting, and so much anticipation, 
I felt I might be let down.
But, your even more amazing in person, 
Than I could ever dream about.

Sometimes I find it hard to believe it's true,
That someone like myself would end up with you.
Our pasts so different, it's amazing our paths converged.
But, somehow us being different, seems to truly work.
We've built a bond that's unbreakable,
A love so real and true.
A love that lasts forever, no matter what we do.

I never would've believed when I got your first letter,
That you'd started into motion, our future together.
It seems impossible a jail romance could ever grow so strong 
Or, something that we did to pass the time would develop in a bond.
If you'd told me then, where we'd be now, I'd tell you, you were wrong.
But, all that matters is that we got here, it doesn't matter how.
And, I can't even imagine a life without you in it now.

Copyright © Tony Guccia | Year Posted 2018

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Locked Up

They put me in cuffs, throw me in the car, and haul my ass away.
Off to county jail, for good ole' prints and processing.
Then strip off my clothes, and what little is left of my dignity.
All while treating me with complete and utter disrespect.
It's no surprise really, I knew I'd eventually end up here.
I just really wish it wasn't right freaking now.

The confinement isn't even the worst part of it.
I can deal with being surrounded by concrete and steel.
But, nothings worse than the god awful stench
Of row after row of stinking human bodies.
The air stings with the pungency of sweat and shit.
But, what's even worse, is you get used to it.

Thrown in a dirty cell, locked up real tight
Alone with only time and my thoughts
Withdrawing for days, shaking and sick
At times wishing I'd just simply die.
Once sober, I'm left to confront my many mistakes
And battle with demons, the drugs had long kept at bay.
There's no where to run to, no way to escape.
With too much time alone in your head, you can drown in your thoughts.

Surrounded by constant negativity, it's hard to keep calm
Hoping to receive good news, but only bad news comes
Starting to wish for no more news to come at all.
Eventually left with one real choice: 
Accept your fate and the consequences of your actions, 
Or, allow your circumstances to destroy you completely.

Copyright © Tony Guccia | Year Posted 2018

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My Soul's Quietus

I am usually quite happy.
My life an all American Rhapsody. 
Your cruelty fathomless.
Bringing a quietus to my soul.
Spend an eternity with you?
Consider this...
The End of our little story...

Copyright © Tony Guccia | Year Posted 2018

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A Beacon of Light


the sun rises, and sneaks its way through my
COVERED window pane.


It brightens my half exposed face.
here, begins, yet another,

only in a slumber, do I feel truly safe.
asleep, all my troubles, instantly float away

CONCIOUS thoughts
only bring constant

                SORROW and ANGST!!

if only just once that 
 ORB's glow,

would remain at bay, 
never again to enter through my:
Window''s pane.

how sad is it, that the:
has become a warning sign, a 


that more SUFFERING is

                             On the way?

Copyright © Tony Guccia | Year Posted 2018